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Benefit from a complete solution from a single source!

Vector Controllers are ECUs for specific use cases with the focus on data communication. They are perfect for the rapid development of functional samples and for use in series production. Whether charging control unit for commercial vehicles or gateway: The development costs are shared across many users. That keeps the price reasonable.


  • Standard technologies scaled down to small series productions and development samples
  • Already qualified hardware for use in vehicles
  • Shorter development cycles
  • High flexibility and cost optimization for serial production
  • Single source supplier for ECU hardware, project and embedded software as well as development tools

Application Areas

Vector Controller: Numerous Options for Your Specific Use Case

Off the Shelf ECUs

The Vector Controllers are perfect for your prototyping and development projects. They are also available in high quantities for test fleets and small series productions. Together with the MICROSAR basic software it forms a complete package with full functionality. The open ECU is also capable to host your individual software.

Customized ECUs

Based on the Vector Controllers, the entire project for your series vehicle can also be covered by Vector. It starts with the definition of features, through the implementation process up to the maintenance in series production. Upon that, we rely on the high quality and standards of the automotive industry for small series productions.

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Key Features

  VC-VCCU VC121-12
Purpose Charging
Multi Gateway
OABR / 100Base-T1  
Analog IN
Digital IN
Frequency IN  
PWM Out  
Digital Out  



Generic Smart Charging ECU


The Vector Controller - Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VC-VCCU) is a generic charging control unit. With its integrated functionality for charging via Powerline Communication (PLC), it provides the perfect interface for prototype vehicles and development environments per DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118. It can also be carried over into your series vehicle right away.

VC-VCCU: Perfect interface for prototype vehicles and development environments according to DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO/IEC 15118.

The executed CAN channel with the standardized J1939 high-level communications for the commercial vehicle market provides a fast connection to the vehicle. The diagnostic messages for DM1, DM13 as well as the J1939 network management are supported.

Availability status: Prototype and Series

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Technical Data:

  • Charging communication per ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121
  • IP6K9K housing for the best possible protection according to harmonized tests
  • ECU according to the given norms of the automotive and commercial vehicle industry
  • Turnkey solution: Direct installation in the vehicle, prototyping and series
  • Tested in-house based on ISO 16750
  • 2 x CAN
    • 1 x J1939 (DM1, DM13 and XCP)
    • 1 x UDS
  • 1 x Power Line Communication
Wake-up Mechanisms
  • Vehicle CAN
  • Control Pilot
  • Real Time Clock
Connector Interlocking
  • Interlocking of the connector with the inlet during charging process
  • Read-back channel to check if connector is properly pluged and locked
Additional I/O
  • Charging interrupt-switch of the switch readable
  • Status LED available as output
LED-Driver Output (PWM Output)
  • 3 x 20 mA, short-circuit proof and diagnosable
  • 1 x 5 A (high-side), short circuit proof and diagnosable
  • 3 x 200 mA 24 V DC (high-side), short circuit proof and diagnosable
Operating Voltage
  • 10…32 V DC (ISO 16750, Code E)
Dimensions (L / W / H)
  • 156 mm x 148 mm x 39 mm (VCmid-sealed, aluminum)
Operating Temperature
  • -40°C to +85°C (ISO 16750, Code H)


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Wiring Harness VC-VCCU

Wiring harness for the usage with the VC-VCCU in the length of 2,5m, for evaluation and testing purposes. One side is equipped with the connector for the VC-VCCU/VC-EVCC(-P), the other side will be left open.

You will find detailed notes of the Wiring Harness VCA-WH01 in the user manual.

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This graphic shows the recommended integration into the vehicle. In conjunction with the AUTOSAR basic software, AC and DC charging according to IEC 61851, DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118 is supported.

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Universal ECU for Domain Controller and Gateways

Photo of the VC121-12

Based on its many communication and IO interfaces, the universal ECU VC121-12 is the ideal solution for use in small series productions and for rapid development of functional samples. It is also well-suited for use in evaluation projects and test fleets. Vector’s AUTOSAR basic software MICROSAR is available in the VC121-12 also for Evaluation Purposes (see Tab “Evaluation Bundle”). It forms the basis for your application and contains supplemental hardware drivers that are not specified in AUTOSAR, such as for controlling output driver chips.

The VC121-12 is fully qualified for serial production in accordance with ISO 16750 / LV 124. That’s why the use in serial productions after evaluation is just a small step. To reduce costs for series production, it is possible to procure the ECUs with reduced PCB population.

Availability status: Series release

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Technical Details

  • High-performance microcontroller architecture
  • Many communication interfaces for CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet
  • A lot of diagnostics-capable inputs and outputs
  • Safety controller and integrated safety mechanisms for safety-related applications according to ISO 26262
Main CPU
SPC56EC64, 120 MHz / 80 MHz, Dual Core
  • 1,5 MB Code Flash
  • 4 x 16 kB Data Flash
  • 192 kB RAM
Safety CPU
STM8AF62, 16 MHz
  • 32 kB Flash
  • 2 kB RAM
Communication interfaces
6 x CAN 2.0B
2 x LIN
1 x Ethernet (BroadR-Reach)
1 x FlexRay (Dual-Channel, end node)
Digital inputs
20 x 0…UBAT
Frequency inputs
8 x 0…UBAT, max. 20 kHz, diagnosable
Analog inputs
14 x 0…5 V, 12 bit, diagnosable
8 x 0…UBAT, 12 bit, diagnosable
Digital outputs
12 x 2,5 A (high-side), diagnosable
16 x 1 A (high-side), diagnosable
4 x 200 mA (high-side), diagnosable
Sensor supply
2 x 5 V, 100 mA
Operating voltage
8…16 V DC
Total current draw (with load)
max. 42 A
Dimensions (L / W / H)
220 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm
Operating temperature
-40…+85 °C
Plug connectors
Tyco 1473244 (81-polig) and
Tyco 1473252 (40-polig)
Tested according to the harmonized requirements of German automotive manufacturers
Environmental compatibility
ISO 16750 / LV 124
Housing degree of protection
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The right accessories will help you in development.

Breakout Box for VC121-12

Breakout Box for VC121-12

The VCA0101 Breakout Box gives you easy access to all of the pins of the VC121-12:

  • Measure and stimulate signals
  • D-Sub9 connector for direct access to communication channels
  • 4 mm laboratory sockets for all discrete channels
  • Dimensions: 331 mm x 190 mm x 58 mm

You will find detailed notes of the VCA0101 in the user manual.


JTAG Adapter for VC121-12

The VCA0201 JTAG adapter is used to connect the VC121-12 to debuggers or programming hardware. The adapter is plugged onto the Nexus 38+ interface of the VC121-12 and offers the standardized 14-pin connector for a JTAG interface that is used as a counterpart.

  • Easy to mount onto the VC121-12 by screw fastening
  • Selectable reset options of the CPU – via debugger or System Base Chip (SBC)
  • LEDs for monitoring the voltage supply including switch for deactivating the LEDs and reducing current consumption
  • Push button for manual reset
  • Dimensions: 40 mm x 35 mm x 18 mm

You will find detailed notes of the VCA0201 in the user manual.


Integrated Debugger for VC121-12

The integrated VCA0301 debugger enables debugging of the ECU software using the supplied winIDEA software from iSYSTEM. The VCA0301 is plugged directly onto the debug interface of the VC121-12 and establishes a JTAG connection to the microcontroller. The compact layout makes it possible to use the debugger in an enclosed ECU housing and offers a direct USB connection to a PC via a built-in socket on the outside of the ECU (VCA0602).

  • JTAG connection to the microcontroller
  • Easy to mount by screw fastening on the VC121-12
  • Product includes a 12-month license for debugging the ECU software using winIDEA – the debugging and test software from iSYSTEM.
  • Easy to connect the debugger over a Mini-USB interface
  • Dimensions: 50 mm x 35 mm x 18 mm

You will find detailed notes of the VCA0301 in the user manual.


Evaluation System for VC121-12

Evaluation System for VC121-12

The VCA0501 is an evaluation system (EVS) with sensors and actuators, on which the VC121-12 is mounted. It is connected to the ECU via a wire harness and enables an easy-to-operate system for software evaluations:

  • Evaluate standard software
  • Ideal as teaching platform and for training new employees
  • Execution platform for system presentations
  • Practical work at universities

You will find detailed notes of the VCA0501 in the user manual.


Housing Variant for VC121-12 with Large Opening

The VCA0601 housing variant is available for the VC121-12 and gives you easy access to a wide variety of interfaces without having to constantly open the ECU housing. It enables easy connection of devices like the VCA0201 JTAG adapter or the integrated VCA0301 debugger to the microcontroller.

You will find detailed notes of the VCA0601 in the user manual.


Housing Variant for VC121-12 with USB Connection for Debugger

The VCA0602 housing variant is available for the VC121-12. The integrated Mini-USB socket gives you easy access to the VCA0301 debugger while the ECU is still fully protected.

You will find detailed notes of the VCA0602 in the user manual.

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MICROSAR Basic Software for VC121-12 Evaluation Bundle

The Evaluation Bundle for the VC121-12 features a production quality MICROSAR 4.2.1 basic software perfectly suited for the ECU. Besides the required embedded software components and the operating system it contains software tools to configure the basic software as well as all drivers to control the interfaces of the ECU.

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ECU Projects for Your Small Series Production

The development of small series productions is no less time consuming than development of large series. Due to the small quantities involved, costs play an even greater and more sensitive role. At the same time, the quality must meet your standards. With Vector you have a competent and reliable partner that will implement small production run projects together with you.

  • Everything from one source – basic software, ECU, and all project work
  • Drivers and standard software are available that are perfectly tuned to the ECUs
  • Series hardware qualification per Vector Standard based on ISO 16750 / LV124
  • Separate platforms for Automotive (12 V) and Commercial Vehicles (24 V)
  • Series production, support, and maintenance
  • Faster "time to market" when using the same ECU family in follow-up projects


The development of small production runs is no less time consuming than development of large series. Due to the small quantities involved, costs play an even greater and more sensitive role. At the same time, the quality must meet your standards. With Vector you have a competent and reliable partner that will implement small production run projects together with you.

On the basis of the VC family, we create your complete ECU project for small and midget production runs, ranging from the requirements analysis and implementation to series production support. The VC family provides a variety of communication interfaces such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and Power Line Charging for eMobility according to ISO 15118 as well as support of various sensor buses and load drivers. For this reason, it is an ideal basis for gateway applications, domain controllers and special functions.

You can use all available Vector controllers directly for commissioning this project. The individual hardware function blocks offer a wide range of application, scalability, and a high level of reuse.

Does our existing portfolio fail to meet your requirements? On the basis of the VC family, we create customized ECU to your exact specifications.

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High quality must also be met for small and midget production runs. The Vector Process Management System (VPMS) is an ISO9001:2008 certified process. It guarantees a uniform workflow across all projects and ensures its quality.

The Quality Management, which is independent of the project, checks the progress of the project during software and hardware development in order to guarantee the maximum possible quality standard. If necessary, the process can be adapted to your specific requirements, thereby providing maximum flexibility.

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We work in close cooperation with you to define the requirements for your project – on both the hardware and software sides – and thus create the optimal solution for you. The resulting project proposal is a major component of the project and focuses on the following key areas:

  • Requirements and design of the hardware and software
  • Milestones
  • Implementation of the overall system
  • Verification of the hardware and software
  • Series delivery and support
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An efficient system requires precise planning, specification, and design. This is a major component of our expertise. Our experts rely on their many years of experience to make optimal decisions for you. The system is based on an ECU of the VC platform. Our experts use their very detailed knowledge to give you the ideal ECU for your application with the required functionality in a short amount of time.

Upon request we are happy to specify and develop the application for your individual requirements. Model-based development of your application is also possible.

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Special attention is paid in every ECU project to the integration of the standard software on the respective ECU. Our many years of experience have made us a strong partner in assisting you with this. Starting with the ECU-specific communication databases and diagnostic descriptions as well as the integration of the Flash bootloader to the partial or complete application integration and development. You can fully rely on our engineers for this.

To ensure error-free operation, we test the integrated component interfaces against one another. This is done firstly on the software side. Secondly the interface to the ECU hardware is tested in detail.

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Not just the components among themselves that have to be tested for high-quality software. Rather, the functionality of the overall system must also be tested. We conduct the prequalification of the ECUs in our in-house labs.

  • Function tests are performed based on an agreed-upon specification.
  • Communication is tested based on CANoe.
  • Diagnostics is tested with CANoe.DiVa.
  • The VT System is used to check the hardware interfaces.
  • Other test options include service life simulation facilities, climatic chambers, and load attachments.

We conduct the series qualification in an accredited, external test lab.

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We document the system that is successfully validated and released for the series according to your requirements. We deliver this to you as an initial functional model or for the series depending on the desired stage. The delivery takes place from Vector or our EMS service partner. Alternatively, you are welcome to use your preferred ECU supplier.

Vector provides you with series production support even after series start-up. This includes the monitoring of utilized components and any discontinuation announcements and related new production data sets.

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Starting from the first step, we take over the project management in accordance with standardized guidelines and in compliance with your wishes. We draw up the project plan and define the range of functions in close cooperation with you. Regular coordination rounds ensure the correct execution of the project.

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Embedded Software Projects

In addition to the ECU hardware, you also need tailor-made embedded software?

Vector will be glad to support you with individual project work - tailored to your requirements and adapted to your processes. Benefit from our extensive know-how in the fields of

Reference Projects

In order to provide you with an overview of the various applications of the VC ECUs from Vector, we have compiled a selection of projects which have already been successfully implemented.

Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet:

Short overview of facts (PDF)


Vector Controller Accessories (PDF)

Product Information

Embedded Services (PDF)

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