VN5610A / VN5640
Interfaces for Automotive Ethernet and CAN FD
VN5640 Option 1000BASE-T1
Interface for Automotive Ethernet and CAN FD

VN5610A/VN5640 - Powerful and Multifunctional USB Network Interfaces for Automotive Ethernet and CAN FD

The VN5610A and VN5640 are compact and very powerful interfaces with USB host connection for accessing Ethernet and CAN (FD) networks.

There are many use cases for the VN5610A and VN5640 such as  Ethernet monitoring, frame- as well as load generation or synchronous tracing of Ethernet frames with other bus systems such as CAN.

Furthermore the VN5640 interface offers with its numerous Ethernet channels a powerful platform for extensive analysis, simulation or complex testing tasks within an Automotive Ethernet network.


  • Two (VN5610A) independent Ethernet channels for the IEEE standards 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach) as well as 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T
  • Twelve (VN5640) independent Ethernet channels for the IEEE standards 100BASE-T1 (thereof up to six channels 1000BASE-T1 in the Option  1000BASE-T1) and four additional channels
  • Two CAN highspeed channels (CAN FD capable)
  • Ethernet monitoring between two nodes
  • Additional IO interface for setting (e.g. the DoIP Activation Line) or sampling of digital values
  • Comprehensive analysis on a network with multiple nodes (VN5640)
  • Optimal support of Diagnostics over IP through additional DoIP Activation Line
  • Hardware filtering of Ethernet and CAN data already integrated on the interface
  • Integrated Layer 2 switch for optimized remaining bus simulation with several channels (VN5640)
  • Hardware load generators for low jitter and full bandwidth
  • Stand-alone mode capability ensures uninterrupted operation
  • Host connection via USB 2.0 and/or USB 3.0 (VN5640) as well as USB-bus-powered power supply (VN5610A)
  • Precise time stamps
  • Optimal performance when used with CANoe/CANalyzer.Ethernet
  • Synchronization between multiple devices and with other bus systems (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST)
  • Fastest flashing with the Vector flash tool vFlash
  • Open interface for third-party tools with the XL Driver Library (CAN and Ethernet)
  • High flexibility by reconfigurable FPGA hardware architecture
  • Rugged housing, power supply and temperature range ideal for automotive or other industrial applications
  • With CANoe.AFDX or CANalyzer.AFDX access to the Ethernet-based AFDX® protocol that is widely used in the aerospace industry (VN5610A)

Application Areas

  • Remaining bus simulation:
    Independent channels for Ethernet and CAN. On all channels, simultaneous operation of remaining bus simulation is possible with CANoe/CANalyzer.Ethernet.
  • Media converter:
    Data link between 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach) and 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T physical layer. VN5640 Option 1000BASE-T1 with additional data link between 1000BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T.
    Benefit: Standard Ethernet logger and Ethernet accessories can be connected.
  • Direct access:
    Individual access to each channel, for example, for reprogramming of ECUs for vehicle diagnostics or testing of several identical systems on a test bench.
  • Ethernet monitoring:
    Transparent connection (in/out/monitor) between two nodes (e.g. Diagnostic over IP Monitoring) and monitoring with exact time stamps.

Use Cases


Different cable solutions for adapting 100BASE-T1/1000BASE-T1 networks and different cables for the power supply are available (AC adapter, vehicle power plug, banana plugs).

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