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New Hardware GL3400 and GL5450 & Vector Logger Suite 4.1

New GL3400:

  • New CAN FD Data Logger with 8 CAN / CAN FD channels and up to 6 LIN channels.
  • Compared to GL3200:
    • Higher performance, optimized for CAN FD and up to 4 cameras
    • Long operating times due to higher SSD storage capacity
    • Easier connection of Ethernet-based periphery (LTE router, cameras, CSM modules, …)

  • Known GL3000 features supported like filter, trigger/marker, CCP/XCP, diagnostics, OBD II, logging analog and digital measurement values, export into numerous destination formats, extensive accessories.
  • Wireless data transfer via LTE e. g. to the Vector Cloud.

New GL5450:

  • Accessory for GL5350/GL5370 supporting Automotive Ethernet recording.
  • Logging data of up to 20 x 100BASE-T1 (BroadR Reach) ports (10 TAPs) and 6 x 1000BASE-T1 ports (3 TAPs) with a precise time stamp resolution of 64 ns.
  • Data is stored on up to 2 SSDs (mounted on cartridge).
  • Filtering of Ethernet Frames based on header properties such as MAC address, IP address, protocol port, etc.
  • Readout Utility for comfortable readout of the SSDs from the GL5300/GL5450 compound.

All GL Loggers:

  • Diagnostics:
    • LEDs can display the status of diagnostic communication.
    • The clipboard can be used to append the entries from a request list to another existing list.
    • Request lists can be imported from another project file.
    • Lists of A2L signals for the Read Memory Services can be imported from CSV, CFG, or LAB files.

  • CCP/XCP:
    • The support of predefined DAQ lists enables the control of measuring modules from other manufacturers via XCP.
    • The local port number of the logger is configurable for XCP on UDP connections now.

  • Databases:
    • Load time of database files has been improved.
    • Multiple networks of an ARXML file can now be added in a single step.

  • Conversion to signal-based formats considers ARXML files up to AUTOSAR version 4.4.
  • A ring buffer of a long-term logging is always stored before data transfer to ensure the transmission of smaller amount of data. 
  • Configuration of CANgps also supported for GL2000 family.
  • Analysis package settings have been moved to a new dedicated configuration page and the usability has been improved.
  • A project can now also be opened via icon in the tool bar.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit), 32 bit no longer supported.

GL5000 Family:

  • Third ring buffer for additional parallel logging task.
  • AUTOSAR ARXML files can be configured to allow the conversion to extract signals from Ethernet frames.

GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 Family:

  • Filter for Ethernet frames from XCP ECUs and measurement modules can be configured.
  • It can be set whether ODT entries are optimized for XCP on Ethernet/FlexRay.
  • For increased security requirements, Seed & Key algorithms, which are used to enable CCP/XCP and diagnostic functions of control units, can be additionally encrypted. If required, these can also be bound to the serial number of a logger (GL3400, GL5000 family).

Vector Logger Cloud:

  • Time zone change is displayed in the Connection History.
  • Fill level again displayed as bar in the status bar.
  • Usability improvements for vMDM.
  • Cloud information now available in Support Assistant.

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