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14:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

Duration: 60 mins

Language: English

Panelists: Sagar Shitole | Johannes Hoppe

PREEvision: AUTOSAR System and Software Design

With PREEvision, consistent development of software and hardware architectures using many AUTOSAR concepts is possible. PREEvision supports both an abstract system description as a network of logical functions with their ports and connections as well as an AUTOSAR compliant modeling of software components, ports and interfaces, for both AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive.


This webinar showcases how PREEvision supports an AUTOSAR compliant System and Software Design.


After a quick Introduction to PREEvision, we will explain the right set up for a powerful library approach. After that, we are going to highlight useful diagrams and tables, which will increase the quality of your working products.

Lastly, we will focus on different import/export functionalities and demonstrate, how easy it is exchanging data between PREEvision and other tools.


This webinar could be interesting, if one would like to understand more on how to set up the Software Architecture in PREEvision correctly and how to benefit from the capabilities of PREEvision.


Target Group

> System Designers - Software Engineers

> Communication Designers