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Vector Testing Day – Focus: E-Mobility

Experience „live“ the latest new developments in software quality assurance and testing with a focus on E-Mobility.

A Short Review and a Big Thank You!

A day of pure information on software quality assurance and testing with a focus on e-mobility has successfully ended.

We would like to thank all participants and speakers from Germany and abroad for their technical expertise, challenging questions and valuable feedback!

The presentation documents for each lecture can be found below.

Lecture 1

EV Charging in China – a View on Interoperability

Speaker: Dr. Konstantin Weber, umlaut – part of Accenture

Learning from the past, challenging the present and looking into the future ​

  • Overview on electric mobility in China in comparison to the rest of the world​
  • Development of the Chinese DC charging standard in the last 10 years from GB/T 27930 up to ChaoJi​

  • Challenges and opportunities for the dissemination of electric vehicles in China especially with respect to interoperability​

Lecture 2

CHAdeMO 2.0 and Interoperability to CHAdeMO 3.0​

Speaker: Dominik Hussfeldt Vazquez, Vector

 An overview about the Japanese charging standard and how to test it​

  • The communication is kept simple in comparison to CCS, whereby the exchange of battery parameters and fast charging are in the foreground and less the comfort of the end user.​
  • The short test specification for charging stations according to the CHAdeMO standard can be applied to different communication points.​

  • CHAdeMO 3.0 / ChaoJi-2 is downward compatible to the CHAdeMO 2.x standards via an inlet adapter and extends them with additional CAN signals.​

Lecture 3

Examine the Charging Communication in the Field​

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Raphael Pfeil​, Vector

A powerful solution for logging and analyzing of CCS charging communication​

  • Charging communication is complex and is handled by several independent parties​
  • Analyzing of CCS charging communication is also import for development, endurance fleets and after sales service in the field​

  • A powerful turnkey solution for logging and analyzing makes it easy and convenient​

  • Continuous enhancements keep the tool chain up to date and capable for new standards e.g. ISO 15118-20​

Lecture 4

Test Smart Charging Projects with Software in the Loop​

Speaker: Phanuel Hieber​, Vector

Testing in an early phase of development with CANoe TestPackage EV and vVIRTUALtarget​

  • Software in the loop is the perfect solution to start testing in an early phase of development​
  • Create continuous integrations (CI) and continuous testing (CT) for smart charging projects.​

  • Test software projects hardware independent.​

  • Ensure compatibility and interoperability between charging stations and electric vehicles

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