Introducing vConnect
The Vector Automotive OTA Solution

Keep in touch with your vehicle fleet. Build new business.
Use live data to build knowledge. Overdeliver on expectations.

With our Automotive Over-The-Air (OTA) solution vConnect, you benefit from Vector’s experience when exploring new opportunities. Realize your ideas easily and end-to-end secure. vConnect is based on a modular framework and covers the three most discussed use cases from the start: OTA software updates, live diagnostics and data collection. The vConnect framework is also a solid foundation to develop your own OTA applications.


  • vConnect is an end-to-end OTA framework, from backend to vehicles.
  • vConnect has built-in security features. It is developed with "secure by design" as the top priority.
  • vConnect uses powerful APIs that allow for easy application development and integration into existing business systems.
  • vConnect comes with three ready-to-use apps: software update, live diagnostics and data collection.

Use Cases

Software Update

Streamline your flashing process and set it free.

So far, we have all been flashing specific ECUs. Now we can decide if we want to flash specific ECUs or the whole vehicle. The OTA software update solution is based on vFlash. vFlash projects can be (re-)used in the OTA scenario through a simple upload to the backend. Not using vFlash yet? 140+ different flash specifications are already supported out of the box. Support for additional flash specifications can be added in a matter of days.

Live Diagnostics

Assist your customers. Live.

The times when you had to read out diagnostic data in a workshop are over. Help your customer the moment he faces a problem. The live diagnostics solution shares the diagnostic runtime with the tester tool Indigo. The diagnostic scripts used are identical for both the proximity and the OTA scenario. The new diagnostic runtime is specifically designed for high performance in terms of load times and memory consumption.

Data Collection

Analyze usage and get closer to your customers.

Customers cannot always say what they need, want or expect. With our OTA data collection solution, you can tell. AUTOSAR data (ARXML) can be used in the backend to specify data capture queries that are executed on the vehicle. In the backend, the data received from the vehicle can be converted into the standardized MDF format for further evaluation with tools like CANape or vSignalyzer. Integration of big data analytics engines is easily possible and opens up even more possibilities.

Your New Business Models

​Test and integrate your new business models.

Easily integrate and test your new ideas and business models with the vConnect framework. Take advantage of end-to-end security, high performance and high efficiency.


Stay Secure

End-to-end security of communication is essential for an Automotive OTA solution. vConnect provides the necessary communication and security components for all OTA applications together in one framework. Complex communication patterns, such as the establishment of an encrypted session or request/response communication, are available for convenient use via APIs. The framework provides various security mechanisms such as the secure storage of certificates and keys or the validation of signatures on both the backend and vehicle side and a replay protection, which allows to recognize, and discard recorded and resent messages on the receiver side. Both the backend and the vehicle components of the vConnect framework can be deployed on many different platforms.

vConnect Framework

Secure by Design

  • The solution offers end-to-end (E2E) security for all OTA use cases.
  • Data and error messages are encrypted on application level.
  • The solution is security independent from the used transport layer.
  • Sessions can be encrypted with forward secrecy in effect.
  • The solution uses state of the art handling of certificates and keys.
  • Rights management is flexible and based on cryptographic techniques.
  • The solution incorporates mitigation strategies for sophisticated attack scenarios
  • Duties are separated.

Technical Article

Mastering Automotive OTA: High-Performance Computing Platforms in the Automobile

Automotive and IT Domains are Converging

Over-the-air application cases such as software updates, live diagnostics and data collection promise enormous savings potentials for automotive OEMs and offer new opportunities for bolstering customer loyalty. However, the required ef-fort is huge. One crucial factor in successfully handling the task is good integration into the existing process world.

Product Description