DYNA4 - Virtual Test Driving
Release Highlights for Closed-Loop Simulation with DYNA4

Release Highlights of DYNA4

DYNA4 is an open simulation environment for virtual test driving.
On this page you find the version history with the highlights of new developments:

  • News on the physical models, e.g. vehicle dynamics, powertrain, combustion engines, electric motors, sensors and traffic
  • More features and geometries for the automated 3D visualization
  • Workflow improvements for parameterization and simulation automation
  • Integration, standardization and compatibility updates
  • New features for function development of ADAS and vehicle dynamics, testing of combustion engines, or energy consumption analyses

For more information about the basic features and applications visit the DYNA4 product page or contact us.

Highlights of DYNA4 R6

Virtual test driving with different light conditions
Virtual test driving with different light conditions

  • Improved physics-based sensor models

    • Physical scene lighting parameters

    • High dynamic range camera images

    • Non-uniform angular resolution of lidar sensors

  • Leap in visual quality with new render pipeline

  • Modular control unit structure for easier integration of custom functions and more flexible composition of new vehicle models  

  • Extended ASAM OpenDRIVE support

    • New road viewer for analysis and route editing

    • Road network generation including junctions

    • US road signs

  • Extended ASAM OSI support

    • Object-based sensors output OSI messages

    • New lane detection sensor outputs OSI messages

  • Improved workflows and usability

    • Improved data management of model parameters and result data 

    • Easier signal manipulation with externally available signal modifiers and dynamic signal sources 

    • New progress view about pending operations and simulation job progress with cancellation options

    • Strengthened Python integration with dedicated editor and many pre-installed modules

    • Many re-worked user interfaces including filter boxes, tooltips and other convenience features

  • Many new examples for models and parameter sets

  • Updated software and hardware compatibility

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Highlights of DYNA4 R5

Support of Standards and Easier Workflows

  • Flexible toolchain integration with standard support 

    • FMU for model export

    • MDF for result data 

    • OSI for sensor model integration. Learn more

  • Usability and workflow improvements

    • New simulation view for simulation execution and model build

    • Easier handling of variants with new concept for referencing parameter files

    • New logging concept with dedicated view

    • Easier creation of example and test rig projects

    • New example datasets

  • Basic vehicle dynamics model for ADAS testing 

    • Characteristic roll and pitch behavior  

    • Low parametrization effort 

    • Reduced license requirements

  • Sensor improvements

    • Improved object-based traffic sensor models with shaped lobes and virtual mounting positions for the definition of the sensor reference coordinate system

    • Improved sensor output on detection level with bounding box points and segmented lidar point cloud

  • 3D visualization

    • More flexibility for the automated visualization of OpenDRIVE road objects and lane types 

    • Enhanced analysis of scenarios with online display of relevant signals, orthographic top view and distance measurement tool

  • Compatibility updates

Highlights of DYNA 4.0

New productizing and a range of model improvements

DYNA4 Studio

  • Model and scenario authoring
  • Simulation data management
  • Simulation automation and variation
  • Simulation result analysis and reporting


  • Enables execution of simulation models in accelerated or compiled mode
  • Execution with DYNA4 Studio workflows on desktop or real-time targets
  • Execution as exported runtime simulation projects, e.g. in CANoe, ADTF, cloud applications etc.

Improved generation of OpenDRIVE roads

  • Generation and visualization of OpenDRIVE roads from GPX data
  • Support of <geoReference> tag in OpenDRIVE files, e.g. for GPS receivers
  • Parameterization of OpenDRIVE objects to be displayed in 3D animation

More flexible scenario parameterization

  • Arbitrary reference paths independent of road layout
  • Initial speed for vehicle under test for shorter acceleration phase
  • Consolidated driver parameters for most common applications

Model updates for driving dynamics

  • Consolidated driver parameters for most common applications
  • Updated example parameter sets for Compact vehicle
  • Improved example parameterization for Model Configuration Truck 4x2
  • Improved robustness of TMeasy5 handling tire model

Model updates for electrified powertrains

  • Easier creation of customized wiring harnesses with improved Create Circuit function
  • Extended consideration of energy losses in electrical system and drivetrain like wiring harness, clutches and electric motors
  • New examples for battery configurations

Updates for ADAS sensor models

  • Deterministic rendering of physics-based sensors, e.g. for image stitching or sensor fusion
  • New sensor type: lidar sensor with single vertical scan layer

Improvements for 3D visualization with DYNAanimation

  • Retro-reflective road signs and road marks
  • Animated wheels for traffic vehicles
  • Range of new geometries
  • Simulation start can optionally be delayed until animation project is done loading
  • Simplified generation of user-defined signals for DYNAanimation

Runtime application export

  • Improved integration into CANoe with integrated animation control
  • Export of Windows Executable for stand-alone execution without MATLAB/Simulink
  • Multiple S-Function exports of same model with one click,  e.g. for multi-ego setups

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DYNA4 Training Courses

DYNA4 offers various possibilities to efficiently develop ECU functions through virtual test drives. But only those who know all these options can fully exploit the potential and save time and money.

Therefore, use our training courses to use DYNA4 even more efficiently in your everyday work!

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