CANalyzer .Car2x
Analysis Tool CANalyzer .Car2x

Analysis of 802.11p-based Communication Applications


The option .Car2x is particularly suitable for the analysis of ECUs that communicate via WLAN channels according to IEEE 802.11p. This allows you to test the implemented functions of your Car2x ECU in a targeted manner.

CANoe .Car2x is designed to optimally fulfill your requirements. You receive a sophisticated tool that is completely adapted to the requirements of the Car2x domain. Therefore CANoe .Car2x supports the most common standards and protocols published by IEEE (US) and ETSI (EU) worldwide.

In addition, all the powerful functions that you already know from CANoe are available. This makes CANoe with the option .Car2x the ideal extension of your multibus test tool for getting your 802.11p-based ECUs on the road to series production.


  • Analyze — Analyze your ECU with the help of individually adaptable measurement windows.
  • Stimulate — Create a virtual environment for your ECU.
  • Test — Put your ECUs to the test.
  • Visualize — Always keep an eye on your scenario.
  • Secure — Test your ECU with activated security.
  • Combine — Combine the option .Car2x with other bus options.

Application Areas

  • Analyze Car2x-specific communication protocols in the trace window, access application messages described in a database (CAM, DENM, BSM...) and configure your individual measurement interface.
  • Log the communication of ECUs in the vehicle or the infrastructure that communicate via IEEE 802.11p according to ETSI ITS-G5 or IEEE 1609 - WAVE.
  • Manage certificates required for validation of signed packages.
  • Visualize the position and direction of several objects as well as occurring events on a road map in the map window. In addition, synchronization with other windows enables subsequent analysis.
  • Access data from different networks. Complete the toolchain seamlessly with Option .Car2x and check gateway functionalities.
  • Configuration of several 802.11p WLAN channels for simultaneous analysis of control and service channels. The new 802.11p measurement interface VN4610 is fully integrated and features intuitive configuration options.


Application messages

With CANalyzer .Car2x you can use/send any application messages such as CAM/DENM (ETSI) or BSM/TIM (SAE) that are defined in ASN.1.


Car2x Network Explorer

Network Explorer

The Car2x Network Explorer is a viewer for Car2x databases and provides various functions. On the one hand, it provides a clear representation of the data structure of the messages and makes it possible to quickly find the signals you are looking for. On the other hand, you can configure the send behavior using the node and message attributes.

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Car2x Database

Simulation Setup

CANalyzer .Car2x requires a description of the application message to be able to create or decode messages. These messages are made available to CANalyzer by the Car2x databases and contain all necessary information for encoding/decoding and for converting the physical raw values into the logical values. The database also contains information about the assignment of application messages to network nodes. Databases are managed in the database configuration dialog.

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Map Window

Map Window

The map window gives you a quick overview of your test scenario. The positions of all received Car2x objects (ITS Vehicle Stations, ITS Roadside Stations) are automatically visualized on the map.

The synchronization with other windows simplifies the subsequent analysis.

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Protocol Analyzer

Protocol Analyzer

With the Protocol Analyzer you execute Car2x protocol checks automatically. You can check protocol-specific contents individually for the particular protocols such as GeoNetworking, IEEE1609.3 and security (ETSI/IEEE1609.2). If an error is detected, warning and error messages are displayed in the trace window and in the detail view.

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Trace Window

Trace Window

The trace window provides extended functionality for evaluating 802.11p WLAN packets, protocols (WAVE 1609.x, ETSI) and application messages (SAE, ETSI).

In addition to the general functions in CANoe, you can customize the window for specific domains. Application messages are therefore decoded according to their definition in the database. It also allows you to configure columns, highlight packages/logs/ or analyze error messages from the Protocol Analyzer.

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Data Window/Graphic Window/State Tracker

Select test-dependent signals from vehicles you want to monitor. The data window displays the resolved values including the units defined in the database. If you would like to display these signals graphically, the graphics window can be used alternatively. In addition, the Bus Statistics window provides you with further statistical information.

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Car2x Station Manager

Station Manager

The Car2x Station Manager is the central unit for the management of ITS stations. Using the Car2x Station Manager, you can manually or automatically assign received packets to the ITS stations managed in CANalyzer.

With this CANalyzer .Car2x offers not only a packet-based but also an ITS station-based view on the communication. For a good overview, you can specify individual colors for ITS stations.

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Certificate Manager

Certificate Manager

In order to accept the WLAN messages generated by CANalyzer .Car2x from the to be tested ECU, the packet must contain a valid signed security header.

The certificate manager offers the possibility to create a PKI (ETSI and IEEE1609) and export the generated certificates. If a PKI already exists, certificates (including the private keys) can be imported into CANalyzer .Car2x.

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Car2x Certificate Explorer

Certificate Explorer

With the Car2x Certificate Explorer you can record and analyze known certificates stored and received in the Car2x Certificate Manager. It also shows you the trustworthiness, the certificate or signature hierarchy and the content of the certificates.

The number of valid, invalid and not yet evaluable certificates is displayed in a status bar in the lower area of the Car2x Certificate Explorer.

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Supported V2X Standards

Option .Car2x is especially well-suited for application development of ECUs in vehicles that communicate using the following V2X standards:

  • IEEE 802.11p (physical layer)
  • ETSI ITS standards

    • GeoNetworking (ETSI TS 102 636-4-1 and ETSI EN 302 636-4-1)
    • Security Header (ETSI TS 103 097)
    • Basic Transport Protocol (BTP) (ETSI TS 102 636-5-1 and ETSI EN 302 636-5-1)

  • ETSI ITS application messages, such as

    • Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM)
    • Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (DENM)

  • IEEE 1609 – WAVE

    • WAVE Short Message Protocol (WSMP) (IEEE 1609.3)
    • WAVE Service Announcement (WSA) (IEEE 1609.3)
    • WAVE Security Services (WSS) (IEEE 1609.2)
    • WAVE Peer-To-Peer Protocol (IEEE 1609.2)

  • SAE J2735 – DSRC application messages, such as

    • Basic Safety Message (BSM)
    • Signal Phase and Time (SPaT)
    • Map Data Message (MAP)



VN4610 Network Interface with GNSS receiver

The VN4610 is a powerful interface with USB PC connection for accessing IEEE 802.11p and CAN (FD) networks. The IEEE 802.11p based dedicated short range communication (DSRC) communicates in the 5.9 GHz range.

The VN4610 supports the unfiltered receiving and sending of IEEE 802.11p frames used for the implementation of Car2x/V2x applications. The received IEEE 802.11p radio signal based frames are transferred to the application synchronously to the CAN (FD) messages. The built-in GNSS receiver supplies the GNSS time and the current GNSS position.

Product Descriptions

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Do you have technical questions and are you looking for suitable answers? Our knowledge base provides the most important FAQs for you.

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CANalyzer .Car2x Workshops

CANalyzer .Car2x provides a variety of possibilities for analysing of 802.11p-based communication applications. But only those who are familiar with these options can fully tap the potential and save time and money.

Benefit from our workshops in order to use CANalyzer .Car2x even more efficiently in your daily work.

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