Compact and Flexible Interface
for ARINC 429 Bus Systems

VN0601 - Interface for ARINC 429

The VN0601 is a compact and powerful interface for ARINC 429 bus systems. The interface conveniently utilizes a PC connection via USB 2.0, it does not require an external power supply, and it has analog/digital interfaces for acquiring other measurement parameters. The VN0601 gives developers of networked electronic units in aircrafts (Line Replaceable Units or LRUs) a high-performance interface solution for testing and bus analysis.


  • 4 ARINC 429 TX and 4 ARINC 429 RX channels
  • Supports High-Speed and Low-Speed communication
  • Host interface via USB 2.0
  • Does not require any external power supply
  • Precise time stamps
  • Synchronization with multiple devices and other bus systems (e.g. CAN, Ethernet, AFDX®)
  • Optimal performance with the CANoe.A429 tool for monitoring, debugging and testing avionic systems
  • Open interface for third-party tools with the XL Driver Library
  • High flexibility based on reloadable FPGA hardware architecture
  • Very rugged housing
  • Analog/digital IO
  • Electrical isolation of all connections



  • Variable channel-specific settings
    • Bit rates:
      > RX: 10 - 120 kBit/s (mode for automatic bit rate detection available)
      > TX: 10.5 - 16 kBit/s (Low-Speed), 90 - 110 kBit/s (High-Speed)
    • Parity check and parity generation in hardware (odd, even, none)
    • Minimum interval (gap) between ARINC words

  • Message-specific settings for parity and gap
  • Detailed error signaling (e.g. bit rate, duty cycle, parity, TX gap)
  • Evaluation of TX errors by feedback channel
  • Separate hardware scheduler for each TX channel for periodic transmission of ARINC words
  • Statistical function for bus analysis
  • Quick analysis and generation, even in complex communication scenarios with CANoe.A429

Technical Data

Channels 4 x RX 4 x TX
Transceiver Holt HI-8454 Holt HI-8596
Time stamp accuracy
within a device
Sync. of multiple devices
with Sync cable

Bit rates low-Speed (12...14.5 kBit/s) and high-Speed (100 kBit/s)
Mean reaction time 250µs
Operating system Windows 7/8.1 (32 and 64 Bit)
PC interface USB 2.0 high-speed, without external power supply
Driver libraries XL Driver Library
Temperature range operating: -40...+65°C, storage: -40...+85°C
Dimensions (L/W/H) 91mm x 109mm x 35mm
Weight approx. 250 g
Housing very rugged aluminum housing

Analog/digital IO

  • Analog input: 1 channel, 0...18 V, max. 50 V, (ext. circuitry required)
    Ri > 1 MOhm, 10 bit ADC at 1 kS/s
  • Digital input: 2 channels, Schmitt trigger, max. 32 V,
    Vhigh ≥ 2.7 V, Vlow ≤ 2.2 V, Vhyst = 0.5 V,
    Ri > 200 kOhm, max. 1 kHz
  • Digital output: 1 channel, open collector, max. 32 V, max. 500 mA, max. 1 kHz
  • D-SUB9 socket

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