vMeasure exp
Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks

Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks with vMeasure exp

vMeasure exp is a flexible measurement software solution that provides you with efficient support in the laboratory, at the test stand, during test drives and endurance tests. With vMeasure exp, you can conveniently record physical values, internal ECU signals as well as signals sent via the vehicle bus. To provide an informative interpretation of the recorded data, the position data (GPS) and video data of the route traveled are also required. Typical tasks of the measurement engineer include measuring OBD signals to ascertain the status of the control unit.

With vMeasure exp, you can record all of this data simultaneously and efficiently. In just a few clicks, you create the measurement configuration, set up the measurement windows and get started with the actual measurement tasks. To make it easy to set up the measurement, configuration tools for the hardware of third-party manufacturers, such as CSMconfig by CSM, are integrated in vMeasure exp. For flexible data recording, use the multi-recorder concept with comprehensive trigger options as well as pre-trigger and post-trigger times.


  • Time-synchronous acquisition of physical values, ECU-internal data, video, GPS as well as bus data
  • Optimum, user-friendly representation of signals in graphic, numerical and text windows as well as user-definable panels
  • Simultaneous measurement of signals from different measurement hardware systems and bus technologies enables thorough analysis of the complete system
  • Practically no limitations in executing a measurement task, due to the high measurement data throughput.
  • Complex calculations can even be performed during the measurement, regardless of the sampling rates of the input signals. This simplifies the analysis of measurement results significantly – both during and after the measurement. 
  • Extensive function library: the “eMobilityAnalyzer function package” enables, for example, the use of predefined formulas without requiring programming or scripting skills
  • MDF files are indexed on the local workstation for fast, convenient retrieval of measurement data
  • Open platform for integration of measurement hardware from any manufacturer via DAIO interface
  • Flexible, individual storage of recorded channels by multi-recorder concept enables efficient measurements and allows you to focus on relevant signals
  • Diagnostics support by measurement of OBD-II
  • Virtually no size restriction for measurement files; the MDF4 format allows for files greater than 4 GB and with over 100,000 measurement signals
  • High efficiency due to automation via scripts
  • Rapid inclusion of DBC files by drag & drop to expand measurement configurations


  • Intuitive configuration of signal sources to be recorded and of the bus systems to be connected
  • Easy sharing of measurement configurations with co-workers
  • Simple creation of formulas for virtual signals via a graphic interface, with functions from the function library, with MATLAB/Simulink, C-DLL or custom functions
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  • Start / stop / pause measurements based on defined measurement signal lists and recorder configurations
  • Simultaneously measure the analog physical values, the ECU, the bus systems and record the environment using a camera and position data
  • Store measurement data in the standardized ASAM-MDF4 format, even with files in excess of 4 GB
  • Versatile options for visualizing measurement values in real time: graphics window, table, bar chart, numerical display, map, video window, etc.
  • Live view of measurement values even if there are no current measurements makes it easy to check the wiring and sensors as part of the measurement configuration
  • Mark signal values with comments during the measurement for easy identification of anomalies
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  • The measured and recorded data can be visualized simultaneously in graphic windows, in the GPS window with saved map material, or in the video window.

  • Virtual signals generated during the measurement are also displayed synchronously and can be used for analysis.

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  • Signal display over time in various windows, user-definable panels or in XY display
  • Manual investigation of signal processes by means of zoom, search functions and measurement cursor
  • Insertion of comments for off-line analysis
  • Exporting of signals from measurement data along with synchronized video
  • Data export to ASCII, Excel and MATLAB
  • Comprehensive printing function and PDF export, templates can be individually customized
  • Convenient insertion of window content or entire display pages in Word and PowerPoint by means of drag & drop accelerates the documentation
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Highlights Version 4.0

  • Configuration of vMeasure log based loggers with vMeasure exp
  • Trim function for compensation of sensor offsets when acquiring analog measurement signals
  • New functions in the eMobilityAnalyzer library: Charger Efficiency & e-Motor Y-Delta

eMobilityAnalyzer Function Library

The new eMobilityAnalyzer function library is the centerpiece of scalable measurement solutions in the high-voltage area. The voltage and current signals acquired decentrally by CSM measurement modules at sampling rates of up to 1 MHz can be used to calculate relevant characteristics of the powertrain, HV components and the electrical system online.

  • Charger Efficiency: Measures the efficiency of on-board chargers supplied directly by the power grid.
  • DC Analysis: Determines RMS power and energy and ripple on voltage and current in the DC area. 
  • DC Efficiency: Calculates efficiency from the input parameters voltage and current at the input or output of the component under test. 
  • e-Motor Power Analysis: Determines the effective power, apparent power and reactive power, power factor, electric speed and total energy of a 3-phase electric motor with a star or delta circuit.
  • e-Motor Y-Delta: Conducts the Y-delta and delta-Y transformation.
  • Ripple: Returns parameters on fluctuations of any input signal as well as their DC and effective values.
  • Shaft/Axle Power: mechanical energy or power calculated from the input parameters speed and torque for one or two external sensors.

Supported Interfaces

  • All Vector network interfaces for CAN (up to 2 Mbit/s baud rate), CAN FD, FlexRay and LIN
  • Ethernet PC interface
  • DAIO interface for connecting any measurement hardware
  • Connection of the ECU via XCP on CAN, LIN, FlexRay or access to the control unit with XCP-on-Ethernet-based VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware and microcontroller-specific data trace and debug interfaces

Supported Measurement Hardware

  • Analog and digital I / O of the Vector network interfaces
  • CAN- and EtherCAT-based measurement modules by CSM
  • Measurement hardware by CAETEC, ETAS, IMC, IPETRONIK, NI
  • USB-based GPS devices
  • Video cameras with DirectShow interface

Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet:

Product Information for Option "Thermodynamic State Charts":

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Results in no time at all – Reliably solving complex measurement tasks with vMeasure exp

For the simple and efficient execution of even more complex measurement tasks, you can now use the new software tool vMeasure exp. From the configuration of the measurement setup to measurement data acquisition and graphical evaluation, you receive ideal support from vMeasure during your daily work.

Experience with a practical example how easy it is to set up, modify and expand a measurement configuration with vMeasure. And how quickly you are able to access user-friendly visualized measurement data. With scripting and the Equation Editor, learn about the tools for demanding measurement tasks and how you can use them efficiently.

Duration: 56 minutes

Target groups: Calibration engineers, measurement engineers, test fleet or logger operators, test engineers, vehicle and ECU developers, test bench supervisors, research engineers, quality control specialists

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Intel Core i5, 3.0 GHz or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.6 GHz
Memory (RAM)
8 GB (special tasks may place greater demands on the system. Please contact vMeasure Support if you need further assistance)
4 GB
Hard drive capacity
≥ 2.0 GB (depending on required operating system components)
Screen Resolution
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
Graphics Card
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Operating System
Windows 10/8.1/7 (64-bit)
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