Interfaces & ECU Drivers
Simple Integration of Drivers and Interfaces in ECUs

Simple Integration of Drivers and Interfaces in ECUs

CCP and XCP are protocols being used today that have been standardized on the initiative of ASAM. Vector supports you by offering free sample implementations of CCP or XCP in your ECU. You can obtain the relevant driver as a free download.

In addition, you can benefit from Vector’s comprehensive consultation and integration services for all aspects of your ECU software. CCP or XCP can be integrated as part of an embedded protocol stack and can be supplied as a complete package. Individual adaptation to your requirements can be performed quickly and conveniently with GENy, the configuration and generation tool for embedded software components.

Accessing Internal ECU Signals

The following solution is available to you for high-performance access to the ECU:
Integration of CCP and XCP software modules in the ECU
Communication between CANape and ECU takes place via XCP, CCP or via microcontroller-specific interfaces with the VX1000 hardware.

XCP Reference Book

Photo XCP refence book as printed version and e-book
Fundamentals of Measurement and Calibration Protocol

Reference book "XCP – The Standard Protocol for ECU Development" describes fundamentals and the application areas of the XCP measurement and calibration protocol in detail. Request the printed version with 128 pages or download the book in three digital versions as PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

XCP Solutions

With full XCP support, Vector offers you the right solution at every point of the development process.


News & Events

Technical Article: Overcoming Logging Challenges in ADAS Development Projects

The more tasks that driver assistance systems assume along the way to autonomous driving, the greater the number of

sensors in the vehicle from different suppliers. Real road traffic provides the ideal reference data for testing – in endless

variety. For this purpose, OEMs and system suppliers are sending test vehicles equipped with high-end data loggers onto

the streets to collect data. That data is then used to precisely ”re-simulate“ certain traffic situations in the laboratory

to test new or refined ADAS sensing and control logic. Instead of implementing numerous sensor-specific logging systems,

what is required are scalable approaches and strategies.

Measuring and Calibrating ECUs Optimally – Highlights of CANape 17.0

Whether your tasks involve measurement, calibration, diagnostic testing or flashing of your ECUs – CANape 17.0 supports you with new, useful functions.

Technical Article: ECU Testing with XCP Support

A Look Behind the Scenes

Master Calibration Data Management Reliably with vCDM 6.6

Version 6.6 of vCDM was enhanced with new features for managing calibration data professionally:

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XCP Training

XCP Fundamentals Seminar

Graphic training at Vector

The goal of this seminar is to explain the mechanisms and models that form the foundation of XCP.


  • Introduction to Fundamentals of the XCP Protocol
  • Models for Synchronous Data Transfer
  • Models for Calibrating
  • Interface Specifications
  • Special Aspects of the XCP Transport Layer
  • Example Communication Sequences