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Webinar Recording: "CANoe/CANalyzer 13.0 - What is New"

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Get a general overview about new features and improvements mainly of CANoe 13.0 - of course you will also get news about CANalyzer 13.0:


Service-Oriented Architectures in CANoe

  • Optimization of the operating concept in the Communication Setup
  • Improved support for service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Extensions for the supported communication protocols
  • Extension of the communication model with vCDL

CANoe Connectivity Feature Service   - NEW -

  • Test/simulation of IoT devices, e.g. smart sensors
  • Test/Simulation of back-end software
  • Support of MQTT as communication protocol

CANoe4Server   - NEW -

  • New product in the CANalyzer/CANoe product family
  • Simulation and test as part of a continuous integration workflow for ECU software
  • Complete automation e.g. in a Jenkins environment

CANoe Option For EtherCAT   - NEW -

  • New Option for CANoe
  • EtherCAT® Master and connection of slaves in CANoe
  • Access to data objects of the EtherCAT® slaves

 CANoe/CANalyzer General Features

  • Features for analysis and evaluation
  • Testing in CANoe

Target group: CANoe and CANalyzer users who already work with these tools

Duration: ~45 min.


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