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Know-How: "CANoe/CANalyzer 12.0 - What Is New?" as webinar recording

Learn about the most important new functions of CANoe and CANalyzer in version 12.0. These topics were presented:

Communication Concept

Optimized configuration:

  • Configuration of the complete communication model in the new Communication Setup
  • Changing the states of communication participants or endpoints, depending on whether they are real, simulated or only observed

Option .Ethernet

  • OPEN Alliance ECU Test Specification TC8
  • Support for the next generation of Vector network interfaces


  • Parallel test execution in CAPL
  • Integrated Viewer for vTESTstudio
  • PDF export of test reports
  • New switching matrix module for VT systems, e.g. for switching currents or simulating switch bounces

Option .Smart Charging   -new-

  • Support of the standards for charging communication DIN 70121, ISO/IEC 15118 and GB/T 27930

Option .Sensor

  • New SENT piggyback for VN1640A/VN1530

Option .CANopen

  • New configuration window for analyzing, configuring and simulating CANopen networks