API of the MICROSAR Socket Adapter (SoAd BSD) Supports Operating System Integrity

MICROSAR.ETH contains the AUTOSAR basic software modules for Ethernet-based ECU communication.

The Socket Adaptor (SoAd) realizes the communication defined in AUTOSAR via PDUs in socket-oriented communication. With the optionally available extension "SoAd BSD", the SoAd and the modules above it can also be used in a non-AUTOSAR environment and uses the TCP/IP stack of the operating system.

One possible use case is that the supplier uses a POSIX-compliant operating system, but still receives AUTOSAR Classic modules such as diagnostic protocols.

Most of the ECUs relevant for this approach are based on Ethernet. Usually, the POSIX-compliant operating system provides the driver for managing the hardware controller and the software for the TCP/IP protocol above it. The AUTOSAR Classic application is now not connected to the network via the AUTOSAR driver, but uses BSD sockets instead. The advantage: The TCP/IP interface is available to all other Linux processes in its conventional mode. Applications with TCP/IP communication remain unchanged.

In addition to Linux and QNX, Vector now also supports the Integrity operating system.

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