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New Portal "My ECU": Manage Your Embedded Software Projects Easier Than Ever!

Imagine all important data of your Vector embedded software project being available in one central location! With "MyECU" in the Vector Portal, you can now easily manage all information and contacts at any time. The clearly arranged collaboration platform offers fast document exchange and the possibility to directly submit support requests related to the project.

My ECU: Watch the video to see how the central communication portal for embedded software projects works.

For customers of embedded software products, e-mail used to be the central communication tool for the transmission of inquiries, databases and support requests. Also the notification of deliveries was usually sent by e-mail.

Although e-mails have proven to be a convenient means of communication, there are a number of challenges in everyday projects.

  • Contact persons at Vector may change
  • Deadlines are missed due to incorrect mails
  • Lack of insight into delivery status, existing information and open questions
  • Unnecessary queries due to missing relation between support request and the project

With "MyECU" Vector now offers a modern platform for bi-directional information exchange. The new portal gives you full insight into project events at any time:

  • Relevant project data is accessible at a central location in the Vector portal
  • Portal not only provides you with data, but also enables a bidirectional cooperation platform
  • Possibility to upload and download documents
  • Channel for direct support requests
  • Customer administrator can add users and control access rights for own users

Visit the Vector Portal for registration and further information.

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