CANdelaStudio 11 - Save Time when Processing Data Types

The Highlights of the New Version 11.

Optimizations of Data Type Lists

  • When processing a large number of data types, it is necessary to identify redundant data types quickly, compare them and eliminate them accordingly. CANdelaStudio 11 provides a multi-stage wizard for this purpose. The user configures relevant conditions for comparing and eliminating data types.

Document Upgrade to a New Document Template

  • CANdelaStudio documents are based on document templates. If a document template changes, the document based on it must also be adapted. CANdelaStudio 11 offers a simple workflow in which changes in the new template are automatically recognized. The user selects the variants to be changed, resolves conflicts, and quickly adapts the document to the new template.

Operating Concept

  • Various control elements such as “Open file” and “Product information” are now structured more clearly in “Ribbons style”. Large buttons and modern icons simplify the operation.

Further Optimizations

  • Visualization of common Snapshot Data in the Fault Memory view
  • When updating diagnostic objects from requirements, it is now possible to break cross-variant references so that only the selected variant gets changed.
  • Improvements in customer-specific functions, e.g. “5 character rule” (VW/Porsche)
  • Integration of the Vector Support Assistant


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