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Automotive Security Meets Functional Safety Symposium 2018
Automotive Embedded Security and Functional Safety
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Novi, MI

Automotive Security Meets Functional Safety Symposium 2018

Vector North America is proud to host the “Automotive Security Meets Functional Safety Symposium 2018" focused on the latest topics on automotive embedded security and functional safety.  The technical program will feature leading international experts on the topic of ISO26262 and embedded security along with product demonstrations.

The overall goal of the Automotive Security Meets Functional Safety Symposium is to provide a technical forum to encourage networking among the automotive industry (e.g. OEMs, Suppliers, vendors and Academia) in regards to the latest developments with in-vehicle security, functional safety requirements and methods to address these topics.  Vector encourages peer-to-peer networking and the exchange of ideas.

This event will also feature product demonstrations from Vector in addition to partner demonstrations from Infineon, Wind River, MathWorks, and iSYSTEM.

This event is complimentary, but registration is required. Seating is limited. Be sure to register early.


Keynote: Functional Safety and Cybersecurity – Experiences and Trends by Dr Christof Ebert

Protecting the Connected Car: Security of the vehicle architecture and beyond by Marco Castellanos and Oscar Sanchez Infineon

Vehicle connectivity & new interfaces are exploding (WiFi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, 802.11p, USB, NFC, etc.); while this promises new services and more convenience, it will also exponentially increase a car’s attack surface. In this presentation, after briefly analyzing why End to End Security is needed in this constantly growing ecosystem, we will focus in how to protect the Connected Car, from the Cloud down to each ECU.

Challenges and Opportunities around Cybersecurity engineering and secure software development by Andre Weimerskirch, Lear Corporation

A repeatable and measurable cybersecurity engineering and secure software development process is the basis to develop and produce secure automotive electronics components. In this talk challenges for stakeholders and for the industry will be discussed, and opportunities to improve the security result will be presented.

Securing Communications – Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me by Tony Anderson, Vector North America

Every aspect of the vehicle development process is affected, directly or indirectly, by the addition of cybersecurity protections for vehicle communication. This presentation will cover some lessons learned, and provide a few questions that should be asked and answered during a secured vehicle communication development program.

AUTOSAR 4.4 Security Enhancements by Jason Learst, Vector North America

Learn about the latest security enhancements in AUTOSAR 4.4.

Dynamically Proving That Security Issues Exist by Dr Andrew Jones, Vector Software

VectorCAST is a dynamic unit testing tool, designed with safety-critical software in mind. In this talk, we will present the outputs of a customer-driven innovation project to utilize VectorCAST to find and detect potential security-related software defects. Via case studies taken from various industries, we will demonstrate how we can generate test-cases for the software under analysis, which can be used to demonstrate the presence of security weaknesses. Surprisingly, the technique can be as effective as a commercial static analysis tool, but also have the benefit of reduced false positives.

Developing Automated Driving Systems Using Model-Based Design for ISO 26262 by Konstantin Dmitriev, The MathWorks

In this session, The MathWorks will share insights about:

  • Model-Based Design methods to satisfy ISO26262:2018 requirements
  • Use of simulation to satisfy SOTIF system level objectives
  • Confidence in the use of the tools

Functional Safety Lessons Learned from Aerospace Systems by Amine Smires, CS Communications & Systems Canada

A comparison of the system, software, and hardware requirements between the aerospace industry and the automotive industry. The comparison details the similarities between the industries and how the task of verification and validation are very similar between the two. Additionally, it provides some lessons learned from critical embedded systems in the aerospace environment.

Safety & Security: An Unbreakable Bond for Connected Cars by Peter Brown, Wind River

In this session, Wind River will share insights about:

  • The varied cybersecurity threat landscape for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • The link between functional safety and security
  • Key use cases around security, including remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Innovative architectures and technologies to address increasing compute complexity in automotive systems and how to ensure these systems stay secure


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