Webinar Recording


Duration: 67 minutes

Langue: Anglais

Panelists: Robert Tice (AdaCore), Ingo Nickles (Vector), Winfried Schröder (Vector)

Meeting the Challenges of Large and Complex Multi-Language Software Projects

Software is everywhere, fueling the innovations that give a company a competitive edge, but presenting a number of daunting challenges.

How can a software team develop a product that meets customer expectations for functionality, safety, performance, and usability while also minimizing the costs of development, verification, and maintenance?

This is a difficult problem, complicated even further when different programming languages are used on the same project.


In this joint webinar by AdaCore and Vector Informatik you will learn how to address the special challenges of multi-language projects. We will show how a continuous tool chain can simplify navigation through source code across different programming languages while optimizing code quality.



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