Indigo 4.0 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 4.0 to 4.0 SP1. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:

  • OBD Diagnostic Console. (EIP31001)
    The OBD Diagnostic Console window allows sending of any (OBD) requests to the OBD functional group or to separate OBD ECUs.
  • OBD Monitoring Test Results. (EIP23855)
    Support for OBD Mode $06 (Request On-Board Monitoring Test Results).
  • OBD: Display all responses of all ECUs. (EIP30494)
    OBD Sensor data allows the simultaneous measurement of data from multiple OBD ECUs.
  • WWH-OBD: Support Extended Data Records. (EIP30493)
    Extended data records $90 (B1 Counter) and $91 (Occurrence Count) is displayed in the OBD DTC Browser for each DTC.
  • Extended OBD Vehicle Status window. (EIP31063)
    The OBD Vehicle Status window displays vehicle readiness for all ECUs for PID $01 and PID $41. Additionally for WWH-OBD the system information data is displayed using PID $90 and PID $91.
  • Skip OBD Scan via Tool Option. (EIP27976)
    The OBD Scan can now be disabled and won't be executed on any start of communication.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Increase Number of Parallel HTTP Requests. (EIP31334)
    The number of parallel HTTP requests is not limited anymore to 2 parallel HTTP requests.


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