DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.22.29

Extends MICROSAR deliveries with the DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.22. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

New Comfort Configuration for the Crypto Stack

  • Comfort editor for the configuration of the Crypto services
  • Assistant for the creation of CsmJobs

Improvements and Extensions of PDU Diagram View in PDU Editor

  • Change color in PDU Graph
  • Show infos and warnings on PDU nodes
  • Show roles in PDU nodes
  • Highlight the edges of the selected PDU
  • Highlight selected edges
  • Context menu entries are missing
  • UdpNm and SoAd are changed in Com stack hierarchy

BaseEcuC Generator Features and Issue Fixes

  • If both TpPg.TpSdu and TpPg.Sdu list exist ignore TpPg.TpSdu
  • CddPdurLowerLayerTxPdu and CddPdurLowerLayerRxPdu not derived for UserDefinedPdus
  • NullPointerException if CommunicationDirection is missing in the FramePort
  • Check if a SystemNode and Ecu-Instance exists at the end of FilePreprocessing
  • Unnessary PduR API forwarding routing paths created for ContainedIPdus
  • Implement new ASR 4.5 mapping rules for SoAd
  • Derivation of DltTxPdu and DltRxPdu
  • Extend mapping rule for ComMChannelPerPnc according to ASR 4.5
  • Import internal debouncing from DEXT
  • Incorrect derivation of ComMUsers for PNCs
  • Derive only SoAdSocketRoutingGroups that are used by a service
  • Change mapping rule for CanControllerPropSeg according to ASR 4.1.1
  • Extend mapping rules for the SomeIpTpChannel container according to ASR 4.4.0
  • Import immediateNvDataStorage from DEXT DTCProps
  • Optimize the derivation of DcmDslProtocolRxTesterSourceAddr
  • Derive non gateway routed rx J1939DcmIPdu should check NodeId
  • Derivation of the FiM module in CFG5
  • Implement support for new ASR 4.5 ComSignalType definitions
  • Change NamingRule for DcmDspVehInfoData Container
  • Derivation of IssmTxSignalExRef and IssmRxSignalExtRef
  • Derive CddPdurLowerLayerTxPdu and CddPdurLowerLayerRxPdu
  • Filter *RouteDest according PDU direction for multicast sockets
  • Allow to disable UUID validation per file set
  • Only one ComMUser is created for all PncMappings
  • Change the way of merging the J1939NmNode and its NodeID
  • Derive ComDataInvalidAction from SignalPort.handleInvalid
  • Implement RX / TX aware requirements checks for LdCom

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Extend RTE59002 validator to consider DiagnosticDataElement of DiagnosticServiceSwMappings
  • Allow Usage of ModeRequestPorts in Expressions of Different Partitions in the BswM Editor
  • Adapt column filter behavior to Excel
  • Support PostBuild-Selectable variant MultiDriverMappings (mapping of first file set is valid for all other file sets)
  • Extend the module export assistant
  • Input File Assistant: Implement a new page for selective update
  • Support relative paths for 'Script File' in Input File Assistant
  • Support new NVRAM Block in Block Assistant
  • Support BitfieldTextTable CompuMethods for ApplicationPrmitiveDataTypes
  • Compare and Merge: Support base container for renamed containers
  • Difference View: provide 3-way-merge classification
  • Adjustment of "Setup Memory Block"-Assistant to the new DEM model
  • VTT-activation/-deactivation on TargetType-Change
  • Show DvDev path validation to Project Config Information Bar
  • Create a command line switch that disables initial background validation

Fixed Issues

  • Main window goes into the background (last active window appears) when clicking on "clear filter" from a grid
  • File Supervision event on Win10 differs to Win7
  • Task Mapping Grid Does not Scroll to Mapped Runnable
  • Flattener: Missing Connectors in Case of Multi Instantiation
  • Exception in Application Components Part With Variant Data Mappings
  • E2EProtectionValidator Exception Removing Multiple Receivers
  • CompuMethods with illegal number format causes file analysis to abort
  • Java deadlock in File Supervision
  • Solving action cannot be sorted when using result iterator
  • Filter does not work in combination with sorting
  • Task Mapping Assistant: ExecutionOrderConstraints Cannot be Selected
  • Changing number format for parameter has no effect
  • Exception "Unhandled event loop exception: String index out of range: -1" occurs
  • BSWM Editor does not show variant BswMActionListItem
  • <Multiple> value indication broken for shortnames and dropdown controls
  • UnitOfWork is started twice when adding elements


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