CANape 18.0 SP3

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.30 SP3. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.30:

User Operation and Display

  • Japanese help for eMobility Analyzer, Signal Analysis, and Statistics was added.
  • Fixed high-lighting of ribbon buttons when loading the tool with hidden ribbon bar.
  • Support of window mode for the new ADAS views.
  • Improved display of the GUI on systems that have their display scaling set to 150% or more.
  • Fixed an issue that a corrupt vector.ini was saved in rare cases.
  • Saving of multiple small partial configurations was fixed, that leads into assignement of components to other configurations.

Communication Protocols

  • XCPonSXI is now supported in the CANape 64bit version.
  • FlexRay Monitoring: Improved behaviour in case of overflows: CANape adjusts ist behaviour to the current load. The user is informed on the current situation via the Write window.
  • When a CANape project with an Ethernet V2 configuration is loaded, a new wizard will support you to convert it to Ethernet V3.
  • Fixed the XCPonSxI connection
  • Ethernet Monitor: Improved loading time of bus description databases
  • Fixed an issue which occurred for SOME/IP communication with VLANs
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when using a VN5640 in measurement mode

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • A problem with missing signals of structures during loading configurations was fixed.
  • A problem that occured when recording data with variable length (e.g. large bus messages) into split measurement files was fixed.
  • The creation of measurement files when starting a measurement with a huge count of signals was optimized.
  • CAN monitor: "Don't care" data will be ignored in the displays.
  • BLF buslogging: A problem that lead to sporadic loss of data when multi-threading was active and several CAN monitors were run in parallel was fixed.
  • The DHPR recorder now splits MDF files correctly at measurement stop.
  • Fixed an issue affecting data integrity of XCP measurements using consistency mode "Event"
  • Ethernet Monitor: Support for SOME/IP and Autosar PDUs using a shared port
  • More accurate split of MDF files for Mobileye cameras
  • DHPR 'MDF name' is only the pure MDF name - without partial path or absolute path.
  • Support of Recorder "Pause mode" for Distributed High Performance Recording.


  • ASAP2 Studio now supports the IEEE Reader
  • Fixed the address calculation from ELF files

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • Improvement on creating MATLAB files from vCDMstudio: Curly brackets are removed only when they denote a vCDMstudio macro and were replaced by values.
  • SD-entries of the calbration data quality can now also be edited correctly in the main view of vCDMstudio.
  • Improved behavior when creating a new dataset whose A2L had been used before.


  • It is now possible to load projects saved as container via COM/API.

Extended MATLAB/Simulink Support

  • MATLAB/Simulink algorithm chains can be executed on VN8900 hardware.


  • The dialog for flash data selection displays the device name in the title bar.


  • The extended CAN-ID is now available for the diagnostic device
  • Verbal conversion table values containing leading/trailing spaces are treated correctly.


  • Video measurement series are loaded and displayed correctly in the new Video window.
  • Lost video data in case of measurement stop without trigger stop event is fixed.

Data Mining

  • All signals added to an Analysis Profile now are optional: In case one of the signals is not present in the file currently evaluated by Data Mining, this is accepted and the respective signal value in the record of the Analysis Profile is marked as invalid.
  • When loading a data mining project from a vMDM collection, the scripts are stored in the correct subfolders.
  • Adding a virtual signal to an Analysis Profile in Data Mining editor now allows multi-selection for faster editing.
  • Improved performance during calculation of virutal signals in DataMining in case of input signals with different raster.

Driver Assistance

  • Support of newest MappleG SDK (v 1.3)
  • New map material from Vector Informatik GmbH based on the OSM data.
  • The properties of a GFX polynomial have been extended by factor and offset.
  • The image from Axis cameras is no longer displayed mirrored in the Camera Calibration Tool.
  • For signal-based objects with constant values a more stable value conversion has been implemented.
  • Changes in the Signal-Object-Adapter for existing measurements could lead to an interrupted display of the video image.
  • The map window could not process only partially set settings for the HERE map material correctly

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • An error that led to data being interpreted wrong in the trace window was fixed.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Corrected MdfSplit and MdfMerge conversion of input files containing timestamps using a signed instead of an unsigned integer data type with more than 32 bit.
  • If the calculated sample reduction is added to a measurement file, that file's data compression is used.
  • A problem during deanonymization of measurement files was fixed.
  • Signals from MAT files using data type 'double' can be displayed.
  • The controls of the confirmation dialog that is displayed when deleting a measurement file are visible even if the file comment is very long.
  • When splitting and merging measurement files with compressed data (MDF 4.1+), the data in the result file is now compressed to reduce the file size.
  • The measurement data export into MATLAB files supports only the new format 7.3.
  • Scalar signals will be created during deanonymisation of MF4 files if the data type of the recorded memory block ist not of type byte array.
  • For adding signals to a MF4 bus logging file now the original start time of the measurement is preserved.
  • The import of LOG files will import the system variables too.
  • Fixed an issue with merging MF4 files with very long measurement comments.
  • The export of measurement signals from nested structures into MATLAB format will limit the signal names to the allowed size.
  • During deanonymization of MDF files the display name of signals defined in the ASAP2 file will be stored into signal description.

Measurement Data Management

  • The update of vMDM pre-processing steps now also considers script changes outside of the Data Mining Editor.
  • From now on, cloud folders (e.g. OneDrive) are ignored by local vMDM.
  • In User Settings of vMDM Admin tool you now can adjust the expected file transfer quality in case of problems with upload or download of files (e.g. for home office).
  • Fixed an issue which prevented loading of vMDM AddIn after update installation of CANape 18.0.20
Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

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