CANape 17.0 SP5 HF1

Updates existing installations of version 17.0 to 17.0.51 SP5. The following change becomes effective with version 17.0.51:

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • An error that occurred during measurement with DAQ consistency mode event was fixed.


The following changes of version 17.0.50 are included:

User Operation and Display

  • Improved performance on import of ARXML databases with several clusters.
  • If a project has several devices with the same A2L, the search in the Symbol Explorer now returns results for all the devices.
  • Partial configurations can now also be saved if they contain elements that have been copied from another, inactive partial configuration.
  • Fixed resource leak, which caused a continuous increasing consumption of system handles.

Communication Protocols

  • DAQ consistency mode event: An error was fixed that caused misinterpretation of DAQ data in certain circumstances.
  • Ethernet monitor / Vector Logging Converter: For signals without an explicit byte order, big endian order (Motorola) is used as default.
  • Ethernet monitor / Vector Logging Converter: An error regarding the byte order of E2E signals was fixed.
  • XCP on Ethernet: IPv6 support for Vector interfaces
  • The option SHORT_LABEL is observed again when importing AUTOSAR databases.
  • FlexRay Monitor: An error that occurred during the import of ARXML files was fixed.
  • Support of CAN FD AUTOSAR container I-PDUs without PDU header according to the ARXML 4.3.1 specification
  • XCPonSXI is now supported in the CANape 64 bit version.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • Distributed High Performance Recording now supports big structures when using the XCP DAQ consistency mode event.
  • Distributed High Performance Recording: Support of multiple Recorders
  • Ethernet Monitor: Preliminary support of large structures.
  • If anonymous partial configurations are used together with normal configurations, the properties of MDF recorders for decoding anonymous measurement files later are preserved.
  • Distributed High Performance Recording is now able to generate a MDF names at any time.
  • XCP: DAQ consistency mode "Event" now supports multiple recorders.
  • During recording of FlexRay bus messages with activated parameter logging, parameters are saved in their own channel groups to avoid flush mode errors.
  • CAN monitor: "Don't care" data will be ignored in the displays.
  • When measuring single elements of an array the MAP offset is now correctly considered.
  • Reduced CPU usage when a Hesai point cloud is displayed.


  • For enum values the ELF reader now provides the correct underlying data type (signed / unsigned).

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • Improved processing of value changes in maps/curves containing a huge number of values when working with dataset management.
  • vCDMstudio: The "ADDRESS_EXTENSION" defined in the A2L is also considered for the column "Current Device".
  • Folder structures in datasets are saved correctly.
  • Performance improvement for activating datasets. This now takes less time.


  • ASAP3 Tranlsator: It is now possible to create Ethernet monitor devices.
  • COM/API: Reading signals of DAIO devices was improved.
  • COM/API: The parameters of the function WriteCalibrationObject were changed to match those of ReadCalibrationObject.


  • Diagnostics: When CAN and CAN FD devices are used in parallel, connection interruptions no longer occur.


  • Support of JPEG encoded camera image formats
  • Displaying measurement data from an MDF file could result in the video image not being displayed.
  • In addition to the generated AVI file, a MF4 file can be generated containing the corresponding synchronization signal.
  • Fixed a crash when using a 4th generation Ibeo Lux.
  • Like video files, video streams within MF4 files can be controlled by the buttons of the Video window.

Functions and Scripts

  • Excel Function: Writing Strings to Excel documents is now possible.
  • Signals from DAT files with a name containing a $ character can be accessed via CASL code.

Data Mining

  • The rounding of time stamps of Data Mining hits created by CASL scripts was fixed.
  • Data Mining analysis is possible if CANape is running in analysis mode.
  • The synchronization of a video file timestamp and the global measurement cursor has been improved for Data Mining results.
  • When loading a data mining project dfrom a vMDM collection, the scripts are stored in the correct subfolders.
  • Fixed random skipping of files during Data Mining in the CANape analysis mode.
  • It is possible to analyze a Data Mining result while the same Data Mining configuration is calculated in background.

Driver Assistance

  • Support of 64-bit MappleG map material
  • Correct saving of MDF signal-based object definitions, even without conversion.
  • Support of newest MappleG SDK (v 1.3)
  • Support of new CAM file format in Camera Calibration Tool
  • The Camera Calibration Tool shows all DHPR clients with video support when using multiple clients.
  • The zoom behavior in the Grafx view of the Multimedia window has been adjusted for swapped boundaries.
  • Support of partial configurations for the GFX objects of the new ADAS windows.
  • Data in the GPS window was not displayed correctly after replacing a measurement file.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • The count of digits of values from color tables was increased to support values greater then 10E6.
  • In case of reverse time stamps, the calculation of the envelope curve for Graphic Window had been aborted for all instead of only for the affected signals.
  • The tooltip window for signal values in Graphic Windows uses the shortening rules for signal names.
  • MDF4 measurement files containing arrays of structures, which are created by CANape 18.0.20 or later, can be opened, but signal values of structure array signals will not be displayed.
  • Errors during calculation of sample reduction for signals with unsteady cycle time will not prohibit the display these signals.
  • Multi-digit signal-value indices of Graphic Windows are printed correctly.
  • When the difference cursor is activated, the difference of added signals will be displayed at once.

Working with Measurement Files

  • MATLAB and Excel export converter now support the extended LAB file syntax which has been introduced in 17.0.
  • The conversion of bus logging files supports up to 255 database files.
  • The new file name is displayed in the Symbol Explorer if imported measurement files are saved as MDF file.
  • Support for CANoe System Variables during import of buslogging files was improved.
  • The import converter for TDMS measurement files supports time channels with very large values.
  • The controls of the confirmation dialog that is displayed when deleting a measurement file are visible even if the file comment is very long.
  • The measurement data export into MATLAB files supports only the new format 7.3.
  • The MATLAB Export converter ignores structures and exports just the structures' signals.
  • Measurement comments up to 10.000 characters are supported by the Excel, ASCII and MATLAB Export converter.
  • The progress bar during loading of measurement files has been improved to get a continuous progress for all loading steps.
  • The MDF Shell Extension saves the values of user-defined properties also when the properties dialog is closed with OK.
  • When displaying signals from MATLAB files, time information can be taken from signals named "time" or "t" for better support of MAT files generated by the MATLAB Export converter.
  • The MATLAB Export converter will save signals with more than 8192 missing values correctly into the fixed time raster format.
  • If parts of opened bus logging files shall be saved into a new file, the temporarily added signal description is stored, too.
  • CANconv: Improved performance when importing ARXML files with several clusters.
  • Logging converter: Corrected the interpretation of PDUs on FlexRay for MDF4 bus logging
  • Logging converter: Improved converting of multiple ARXML files
  • Logging converter: Corrected the conversion if the ECU sends additional, non-modeled data
  • The MDF Shell Extension will display the file preview independent from the .NET version of the applications.
  • The measurement split converter supports file paths up to 255 characters.
Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

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