CANdelaStudio 15 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 15 to 15 SP1. Not suitable for older versions.


  • PREEvision Data Exchange updated for PREEvision 10
  • DEXT Import imports Session/Security information (DDIT-1081)
    DEXT Import [DEXTI-R020-Ses].

DEXT Export 19.0.1 (R26)

  • Integrate DDM 19.0.1 (CDS-73303)
    See [IBP-R050] and [DEXT-R050].
  • Export Function Inhibition (FIM) (CDS-72800)
  • Export WWHOBD data identifier only if WWHOBD is active [DEXT-R237]
  • Export routine info byte [DEXT-R560]
  • Support reference to external ECU instance [DEXT-R245]
  • Make qualifier of parameters unique [DEXT-R236]
  • Extend the VAG diagnostic data import to support Snapshot and Extended Data Records [DEXT-R347]
  • Export includes the Trigger and Update properties of Snapshot Records [DEXT-R348-SR] and Extended Data Records [DEXT-R348-EDR] (R26, CDS-73249).

SWC Sync

  • Allow DTC synchronization through matching of event names (SWCSYNC-195)
    SWC Sync treats a DTC as synchronization target if it is referenced by an event whose name matches the short name of a TBS DTC extracted (ignoring potential prefixes of the short name).

Issues Solved

  • Crash in ODX Export for a Library in Library List (CDS-73213)
    Context menu in Library List, workaround: use the context menu for the Library in the tree.
  • Crash in ODX Export for Linear Computation with 64-Bit Integer (CDC-44616)
    The constellation was not supported so far. For 64-Bit integer, see [DTENC-R200].
  • Down migration of Array Length > 64K to a version < 15 produces invalid names (CDC-44595, CDC-44594)
    In documents containing more than one language, in languages other than the one currently opened [DOCUI-R200-Current], the contents of a non-translated name was not preserved but erroneously set translated.
  • Avoid Function Inhibition in User Defined Fault Memory (CDC-44589)
    Respect [FIM-R020-UserDef].

5 Character Rule:

  • Support additional 5 character prefixes (CDC-44536)
    Prefix "SCH" for State Groups, "ST" for States.
  • 5 Character Rule recomputes State and StateGroups even if already compliant (CDC-44598)


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