Measurement Technology
Master the Entire Measurement Chain from A to Z
Measurement Technology
Master the Entire Measurement Chain from A to Z

Master the Entire Measurement Chain from A to Z

The topic of measurement technology is very diverse. Data from a wide variety of sources must be acquired, visualized and stored. High-quality time synchronization and the handling of enormously large data volumes play a key role here. Vector offers integrated solutions for various application areas (ECU and bus measurement technology, video, radar and analog measurement technology).

Analog Measurement

Temperature, mechanical voltages and speeds are just a few examples of physical variables. In addition to the simple acquisition and clear display of many measurement channels, the measurement data can be analyzed during operation. This allows the actual physical variables to be compared with those predicted by the control unit (for example, comparison of control unit temperature model with actual temperature).


CSM Measurement Modules The measurement modules of our partner CSM are extremely compact, efficient and highly precise over the entire operating temperature range.


High-Voltage for e-Drives

Measure voltages and currents directly and safely in the high-voltage cables and calculate the relevant quantities such as power or efficiency already during the measurement, even at a sampling rate in the MHz range. We also have an innovative solution for temperature measurement in high-voltage batteries.

CSM High-Voltage Measurement Modules The high voltage measurement modules of our partner CSM are specially designed for safe measurement in high voltage applications with up to 2 MHz data acquisition per channel.
eMobilityAnalyzer The eMobilityAnalyzer is a function library for EV development. It can be used online during measurement in vMeasure and CANape and offline with the software vSignalyzer and vMDM.
Smart Logger The powerful logging solution for eMobility.


Data acquisition from all kind of embedded systems like traditional ECUs, ADAS fusion ECUs, ADAS sensors, or vehicle computers takes places either via a protocol and a bus system or via a specific interface of the controller or processor.

XCP (Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol) offers a read and write access to the memory of an embedded system.
Scalable Interfaces for ECUs and e.g. Video Sensors for Maximum Data Transfer Rates.
The Diagnostic Log and Trace protocol allows the transmission of information from the applications and software modules in the ECU. The protocol allows sending diagnostic, log and trace information via Ethernet. It’s supported in CANape.
Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP is a communication protocol that supports remote procedure calls, event notifications, and the underlying network. In service-oriented data transmission, a sender transmits data only if at least one receiver on the network has subscribed to it. It’s supported in CANape.


Ethernet Hardware and Bus Measurement Technology

With the help of our extensive interface hardware solutions, classic bus measurement technology is just as available to you as Ethernet measurement technology.

Automotive Ethernet Ethernet technology is used in-vehicle communication, measurement and calibration, diagnostics via DoIP and much more.
CAN / CAN FD / LIN / FlexRay Vector offers interfaces for CAN / CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay as well as driver software and programming interfaces for use with Vector software tools and in customer-specific solutions.


Logging in the Vehicle

Different data sources and objectives require different solutions. From pure CAN bus logging to complex ADAS sensors, vehicle computers and high voltage applications.

Smart Logger The Intelligent Logging Solution for E-Mobility and ADAS Developement
GL Logger The GL Logger Family for Automotive and Commercial Vehicles


Data Evaluation

From simple data visualization to automated evaluation with complex algorithms in the cloud.

vMDM Managing Measurement Data Professionally
Analyzing and Evaluating of Measurement Data Easy Processing and Evaluation of Data from previous Measurements


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