XCP Protocol in the ECU
Easy Integration of XCP into the ECU

Easy Integration of Drivers and Interfaces in ECUs

XCP is the standardized measurement and calibration protocol for accessing ECU-internal data. Vector provides you with three different options:

  • Download the free XCP Driver from our Download Center. The driver includes the basic functions Measurement and Calibration. 
  • Use the MICROSAR or CANbedded XCP Software Component in your ECU.
  • The VX1000 solution uses XCP as the communication protocol between the VX1000 base module and your computer application (e.g. CANape)

Accessing Internal ECU Signals

The following solution is available to you for high-performance access to the ECU:

Integration of the CANbedded XCP software module into the ECU
Integration of MICROSAR XCP software module in control unit MICROSAR XCP
Use of VX1000 as XCP interface VX1000
Free XCP Basic Driver Directly to the Download Center

XCP Reference Book

Photo XCP refence book as printed version and e-book
Fundamentals of Measurement and Calibration Protocol

Reference book "XCP – The Standard Protocol for ECU Development" describes fundamentals and the application areas of the XCP measurement and calibration protocol in detail. Request the printed version with 128 pages or download the book in three digital versions as PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

XCP Solutions

With full XCP support, Vector offers you the right solution at every point of the development process.

XCP Training

XCP Fundamentals Seminar

Training at Vector

The goal of this seminar is to explain the mechanisms and models that form the foundation of XCP.


  • Introduction to Fundamentals of the XCP Protocol
  • Models for Synchronous Data Transfer
  • Models for Calibrating
  • Interface Specifications
  • Special Aspects of the XCP Transport Layer
  • Example Communication Sequences