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Value Added Service (VAS) According to ISO 15118-2 - New Software Version for Vector Charging ECU

Software version 8.0.0 for the VC-VCCU (Vehicle Charge Control Unit) offers new features and optimizations.


  • Value Added Service (VAS) according to ISO 15118-2 and VDV 261 specification
  • Configurable source addresses and charge node selection for the usage of two VC-VCCUs
  • Additional CAN signal to stop charging and unlock the plug as option to the hard-wired charging stop switch
  • Additional HSOUT0 configuration: Activation of HSOUT0 depending on CP/PP status


  • AC Charging: The check “VCVCCU_Inlet_MaxCurrent > VCVCCU_ChargeUnit_MaxCurrent” is completely removed. Both CAN signals are still transmitted on CAN but there will be no intervention by the VC-VCCU if the value of the signal VCVCCU_ChargeUnit_MaxCurrent exceeds the value of the signal VCVCCU_Inlet_MaxCurrent. The vehicle ECU and on-board charger must take care for observance of the limits
  • Priorities of charging protocols to ISO 15118 (first priority) and DIN 70121 (second priority)


  • Adaption of the lower limit of the internal 5V sensor supply voltage in order to avoid unexpected charge terminations due to a loss of the position feedback voltage value
  • Improvement on the DTC test sequences which haven’t been performed correctly and lead to a stop of the charging sequence
  • Adjustment of a timeout value related to SLAC


Detailed technical information are available in the technical documentation of the VC-VCCU.