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MICROSAR.OTA Now Enables Distribution of Updates Within Complex ECUs

Automotive Over-The-Air (Automotive OTA) offers applications such as software updates, live diagnostics and data collection. Within the ECU, MICROSAR.OTA provides Basic Software Modules for processing, saving and activating software updates for the vehicle. For sophisticated ECUs with multiple microcontrollers or processors, MICROSAR.OTA now supports distribution of software updates throughout the ECU. This new flexibility expands the spectrum of MICROSAR.OTA use cases and enables the efficient implementation of "Over-The-Air" software updates even in complex ECUs.

MICROSAR.OTA is executed on at least the microcontroller with bus connection and is responsible for forwarding updates. The software can optionally be executed on additional nodes in the ECU to perform data processing or verification steps according to OEM requirements.

"Over-The-Air" software updates enable convenient updating of vehicle software without a garage visit. For optimal implementation with the shortest possible update process, the updates are distributed to all affected target ECUs while the vehicle is still in motion.

MICROSAR.OTA provides developers with a solution that goes beyond the AUTOSAR Classic standard and enables the software download to be performed in parallel with the execution of the driving software in the background. In this process, the received data is stored in a separate memory area that can be accessed independently of the application being executed. To ensure the reusability of flash containers, MICROSAR.OTA uses virtual instead of physical addresses, thus abstracting the internal storage and activation strategy.

In addition, MICROSAR.OTA is available with OEM-specific extensions. These differ in terms of diagnostic protocols, data processing (compression, encryption) and verification via cryptographic signatures.

MICROSAR.OTA is compatible with AUTOSAR 4.x. When the internal flash memory is used simultaneously by MICROSAR.OTA and the AUTOSAR memory stack, the flash accesses are synchronized.

With the add-on Software Activation Manager, the Vector Flash Bootloader offers an extension compatible with MICROSAR.OTA to activate new software states - depending on the memory concept by exploiting hardware switching or by copying over.

Complete your Vector OTA solution with vConnect! Vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators can quickly and securely bring the two most important use cases of Automotive OTA (software updates and live diag-nostics) into the field. The modular concept of the solution combines new components and established Vector technologies through the vConnect framework.

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