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MICROSAR Evaluation Package for Renesas RH850/C1M-A

The Quick Start with AUTOSAR Classic

The MICROSAR evaluation package provides a deep insight into the AUTOSAR Classic world, from the design and configuration process to the actual basic software. The evaluation package is now also available for the Renesas RH850/C1M-A device family. It includes the Vector basic software MICROSAR without the specific characteristics of a vehicle manufacturer.

The package ensures a quickly available AUTOSAR 4.x solution in series quality for evaluation needs. Through close cooperation with Renesas, you benefit from a mature basic software stack that also includes all necessary software tools. This enables you to make a well-founded evaluation of the runtime and memory requirements of an ECU project according to AUTOSAR Classic. The included sample project will enable you to quickly get familiar with the system.

Please visit Renesas' website for information on RH850.

Link to Renesas Website Read Case Study

The evaluation package is also available for the Renesas RH850/F1Kx device family.
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Are you using a different controller? The MICROSAR evaluation package is available for all common automotive controllers. Please contact us.