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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Flavien Huynth, Cyril Benkimoun, Winfried Schröder

Squore: Business Intelligence and Project Monitoring for Engineers

Fast-growing software projects with distributed teams, shorter release cycles and increasing quality requirements make it essential to maintain a constant overview of the status quo of the overall project in order to identify bottlenecks early and to be able to act accordingly. One solution concept is Business Intelligence. It serves to transform the data available in a company into information for the management and to gain new knowledge about the status quo, the perspectives as well as about the business environment. Squore offers Business Intelligence for the software development sector. Project data and other information is summarized and visualized specifically for the needs of management, project managers and developers.

> Monitoring engineering projects with a Business Intelligence approach
> Aggregating of project data for a comprehensive and precise monitoring
> Rating the whole project to track process, project and product indicators
> Automating quality rating, checking and reporting for increased maturity