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Webinar Recording


Duration: 76 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Frank Weber

CANoe 14, Option Car2x – C-V2X and Protocols used in China


The webinar demonstrates the use of CANoe.Car2x specifically in the context of C-V2X and protocols used in China. CANoe 14 supports protocols like DSMP, the security header with signing and verification and the application messages like BSM or MAP/SPaT.

The webinar shows how to create and use traffic scenarios like a Hazardous Location Warning scenario or an Emergency Brake Warning scenario and how to perform test cases based on them. In addition, we show different possibilities how to communicate via a C-V2X PC5 link.

The following features are demonstrated in detail:

  • Creation of test scenarios with multiple ITS stations and various events for comprehensive simulations to stimulate your V2X system/device under test
  • Interpretation of protocols and application messages
  • Suitable visualization of application message content
  • Security support –Using signed security headers and validation of received security headers
  • Testing functions ensure automated testing


Target Group:

  • Test engineers, developers and research engineers for V2X based-systems
  • Road traffic authorities operating V2X-based systems