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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Svend Holme Sørensen (Gatehouse), Hermann Rauth (Vector) Winfried Schröder (Vector)

VectorCAST: Testing of Satellite-Communications based Software in Safety-Critical Areas

The demand for global connectivity which is available anytime and anywhere is growing steadily. Connections via satellites have a rapidly increasing role in this evolution. Connecting the cockpit in an aircraft brings many new and exciting possibilities for new and existing applications that support the pilot. While a bad connection can be uncomfortable during a phone call, a failure of the satellite connection to an aircraft can have major consequences when used in applications providing critical information to the pilot. It must be guaranteed at all times that the application is robust enough to cope with all the different types of interference, even with lower bandwidth, weather deterioration or congestion.


With increased use of broadband satellite connectivity for cockpit applications it becomes important to include connectivity in test and certification. It is not sufficient to install a certified satellite terminal. Applications must be verified in an end-to-end test environment where it is possible to inject impairments for validation of application behaviour under all conditions.




> Evolution of satellite communication

> Different types of impairments

> Requirements for end-to-end testing

> Off-air testing

> Automatic execution and regression test

> Benefits of code coverage metrics

> Test earlier and fail faster with change-based testing