Webinar Recording


Duration: 66 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Georg Bunkert

PREEvision: Wiring Harness Design

In this webinar, our product manager demonstrates PREEvision’s functionality for wiring harness design and power distribution. The webinar starts with a brief introduction of PREEvision in general, the basic idea of a model-based approach and the benefits of one comprehensive data model in wiring harness design. In the following, our product manager explains the different steps of the wiring harness design workflow supported by PREEvision starting from architecture design.


The presentation showcases the wiring and power distribution design process from initial, logical building blocks through electric circuit design to detailed harness drawings with all the details needed for series production. Additionally, one will learn how PREEvision simplifies series development of the wiring harness and all the other benefits of model-based e/e engineering with PREEvision.


Attendance recommended for

  • E/E architects
  • Wiring harness engineers