CANoe4SW 15 SP3 Full Installer

Installation and update of the software for Windows 10 (64 bit).

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • Trace Window
    • New sequence filter allows filtering of consecutive events

  • State Tracker
    • Parameters of methods can now also be displayed

  • Logging
    • BLF Logging of transferred values between SUT and CANoe4SW allows subsequent analysis, e.g. by import into analysis windows

  • Appearance
    • In the “Options” dialog you can choose between decimal and hexadecimal number display

  • Panel Designer
    • The Event Control is replaced by the Complex Data Control.
      It is now possible to receive and send complex data structures (data members of distributed objects).
    • In the Method Call Control and the Complex Data Control, the name of the linked symbol can be edited. This improves the clarity. Long names can be edited to make them shorter for display.
    • The Method Call Control and the Complex Data Control now support the display and selection of symbolic values when a value table is stored.
    • The Panel Control Button has been extended to include the link to Application Panels.

  • Application Panel:
    • The Application Panel now also supports data member
    • History: Overview of previous calls and their data are displayed and can be repeated by double-clicking
    • Favorites: Calls and data can be named and saved with the configuration

  • Application Models:
    • It is now possible to enable the debugger for .NET and CAPL application models.

  • Start Values:
    • In the Start Values Window, values can be specified for system variables and data member of distributed objects that are set at the start of the measurement

  • Test
    • Integration of the ASAM XIL API v2.2

  • Distributed Software Debugging
    • The new feature „Distributed Software Debugging“ allows for coupling the execution of a SUT with the execution of CANoe4SW. Especially the execution of the CANoe4SW runtime environment can be coordinated with the execution environment of the debuggee. Moreover, it is possible to monitor global and local variables of the SUT without any source code instrumentation. Thereby the well-known analysis-features (trace-, graphic-windows and logging) are available for a deep insight into the SUT.

Test Feature Set

  • New setting ‘Exclude from Build’ in test configurations enables faulty test units to be temporarily excluded
  • CAPL/.NET functions:
    • ‘TestFunctionTitle‘ and ‚TestSequenceTitle‘ enable programmatic renaming for test functions and test sequences in the report
    • New wait functions ‘TestWaitForTimeoutSilent’ / ’WaitSilent’ without reporting
    • CAPL function ‘TestWaitForMessageBox’ enables dialogs to be shown to the tester with an optional comment field and different button styles

  • Together with vTESTstudio 6 SP3
  • Test Table Editor: Command ‘Fuzz Test Cases’ supports system variables
  • State Diagram Editor: New element ‘Decision Path’ enables a conditional path selection depending on the previously traversed partial paths
  • Test Diagram Editor: Contents from graphical element ‘Comment’ can be mapped to test case descriptions that are available in the exported traceability matrix, the test design documentation and the report
  • Test Report Viewer
  • Execution plans (.vexecplan) can be created, allowing Test Cases existing in a report to be scheduled for execution with the CANoe Execution Adapter.

Software in the Loop by SIL Adapter:

  • Support for Events and Fields enables a notification mechanism between CANoe and the SUT.
  • Support for the TxTrigger attribute allows configuration if values should be transferred only if the changed (OnChange) or always when being assigned (OnUpdate).

Connectivity Feature Set

  • Functions for fault injection are available with the internal MQTT broker
  • Additionally to JSON and Google Protobuf MQTT payload can now also be serialized as plain bytes or strings


Size : 2.70 GB
MD5 hash : 5f040cd4068cb26f6f4b6991481b8e66
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