CANape 18.0 SP7

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.70 SP7. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.70:

User Operation and Display

  • New driver DLL: Unfavorable combinations of specific versions of the Vector Time Sync Service and the interface drivers no longer cause the program to crash.

Communication Protocols

  • Active SOME/IP: Support of signed data types
  • Fixed a problem in projects with more than one DLT devices.
  • PDUs with none byte-aligned float data types can now be measured.


  • COM/API: An error that caused measurement values of different devices to be swapped under certain circumstances was fixed.


  • CAN FD: Fix in case of projects with UDS devices.


  • Fixed errors in key frame buffer handling during split recording of video signals.
  • Connection with an Axis camera has been accelerated.

Data Mining

  • When running Data Mining jobs, users will be notified if there are read-only MAR files.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • Invalid floating point values (NaN) are filtered out by signal value filters. NaN values can be treated specifically with algebraic filters.

Working with Measurement Files

  • When exporting measurement files to Excel format, negative timestamps are also accepted.
  • Leading zeros in indexes in array element names are ignored when LAB files are used as filters for export converters.
  • Improved stability when working with signals from many Excel files with many tables.
  • Merge of measurement files via CASL method MergeMeasurementFiles now also works if string for list of input files exceeds 2000 characters.
  • When importing bus messages from ASC format, the message identifiers are displayed correctly.
  • When PDU and SOME/IP messages are sent on the same port, they are decoded correctly in offline analysis using the message ID.


Size : 3.77 GB
MD5 hash : e311f31f767dc091c448f0b6288adc54
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