Software Analytics with Squore

Modern software projects are complex in many ways. Long gone are the times when a developer could single-handedly specify, develop and test a feature-rich tool destined to industrial applications. Industrial software projects today are a collective affair, requiring expertise of a development team, and a project manager to track progress, quality and effort, in real time.

Whatever the development model (Waterfall, V, Agility), engineering tools are present all along the software production cycle, each tool consuming and producing data, sometimes in great volumes. These tools deal with consecutive aspects of the project lifecycle, related to different areas of knowledge, and they don’t naturally connect one with another, or handle data the same way. Therefore, the project data, not content with occupying much space, is distributed into separate silos.

In this context, the task of efficient decision-making on a comprehensive representation of the project, involving actors with specific needs and expectations can become quite challenging. This is where the concept of "Software Analytics" comes in.


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