DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.13.45 SP7

Updates existing installations of version 5.13 to 5.13 SP7. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

With DaVinci Configurator 5.13 (SP7) the following changes become effective:


  • Support of 'Reload Project...' option within file change dialog

Fixed Issues

  • Exception when creating Connectors on Components
  • Consistency error for UniqueSymbolicNameValueValidation-Rule
  • Check for dongle drivers not working with 32 bit Windows
  • SWC generation AUTOSAR3: Symbol of runnables is not synchronized


Size : 354.59 MB
MD5 hash : 8da94420144397eb1d7dc2aa542697b2
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