CANape 11.0 SP7

Updates existing installations of version 11.0 to 11.0 SP7. With Service Pack 7 (update to version 11.0.70), the following changes become effective:

User Operation and Display

  • Signals that are updated live in the Model Explorer will no longer be saved in the measurement file.
  • Improvement for multiple configurations
  • Copying a Graphic window with XY display has been improved.

Communication Protocols

  • Interface channels without configured networks are not activated in any case anymore.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • XCP: Improved time synchronization for ECUs, that timestamp the data


  • Via the automation interface the ASCII export is available.
  • Improvement when calibrating large maps during running measurement
  • Improved the reading of calibration parameters beyond the measurement


Size : 671.03 MB
MD5 hash : 8224dca89266eab4f0ddd2729e9036be
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