Product Lines and Variants
PREEvision Use Case

PREEvision – Efficient E/E Development with Product Lines and Variants

Efficient E/E development without redundancy.

The product line approach of PREEvision ensures efficiency in E/E development – with libraries and reuse of designs. Model series or individual vehicles can be derived from product lines using variant management.


  • Comprehensive product line concept
  • Centralized and product line-based libraries as basis of development
  • Reuse of associated artifacts
  • Abstraction concept for dependencies between development branches
  • Flexible amalgamation of artifacts and model parts
  • Variant management from product line to concrete vehicle
  • Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis (FODA)

The Use Case

PREEvision helps to avoid redundant development work and to repeatedly reuse solutions that have already been developed.

Product lines and the abstraction concept of PREEvision
If new product lines are created for teams with their own specific tasks through copying, the artifacts remain connected to one another thanks to the abstraction concept of PREEvision. Cross-product line development can be traced in this way.

Libraries in which standard modules and components are managed, serve as the basis for structured and efficient development without redundancy.

Functions / Features

Libraries and Building Blocks

Components managed in the library can also be organized into building blocks or sets composed of multiple artifacts or functions. A building block comprised of hardware and software components, such as for engine control, can be constructed and in turn be used as a template in various different product lines. Whole product lines can be further developed as development branches and then combined later on.

The description of all aspects of the E/E architecture of a product line using the graphical or table-supported editors results in a 150% model containing all the installable E/E equipment features of a vehicle series. These include, for example, different and mutually-exclusive drive concepts. Concrete vehicles can be derived from this.

Change and Version Management

PREEvision offers a ticket system for change requests and defect reports for the purpose of controlled change management. Integrated version management can codify artifacts in branches and revisions.

In cooperation with the PREEvision Collaboration Platform, which enables parallel and conflict-free working, even complex E/E projects can be developed in a traceable way.


PREEvision Product Line Approach - Design Tool
Quick implementation of new ideas via scratchpad.

The Scratchpad is a design tool for the quick implementation of new ideas and solutions.

It provides each user with a secure working environment outside the main model context. Model parts can be further developed here and later integrated into the model.

Merging of Data

PREEvision Product Lines - Data Merge
Which data is merged and which data is overwritten, can be determined in detail.

For further development of individual artifacts, entire components or product lines in development branches, as well as the integration of imported data, PREEvision provides a detailed comparison view.

The controlled merging of data is also possible. Which data is merged and which data is overwritten, can be determined in detail.

Historical versions can also be compared and restored.

Variant Management

PREEvision Product Lines - Variant Mangement
Variants are based on feature models in PREEvision.

From a product line (150% model), it is possible to derive model series (120% model) from which concrete, fully configured vehicles can be derived. Variants can be derived in PREEvision based on feature models (Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis, or FODA) or with equipment templates and their alternatives.

Product and Release Management

Integrated product and release management provides functions for creating, planning and monitoring projects and resources.

PREEvision Layer Model - Process Support
Process support for changes, defects and releases in PREEvision.


Technical Article

Product Lines and Variant Management in E/E Engineering

Practically all electrical/electronic (E/E) developments in the automotive industry now use a product line approach. The development object is not just a certain vehicle model but a whole vehicle family with many different drive, body and equipment variants. This is why one often hears the terms E/E toolbox or E/E platform being used to describe the development object, or product line. Starting with this type of E/E product line, it is necessary to support the different vehicle models as variants and allocate systems and components to them. Efficient variant management is therefore essential for development.

Webinar Recording

PREEvision – Product Lines, Reuses and Variants

In this webinar, one gets to know the concepts of product lines, reuses and variants in PREEvision. The presentation including a tool demonstration explains the comprehensive product line concept with libraries and reuses and PREEvision’s support of variant management according to AUTOSAR.


Efficient E/E Development with Product Lines and Variants

Get to know PREEvision’s comprehensive product line concept for efficient development by reusing already developed solutions. In the PREEvision brochure we portray the complete E/E engineering solution and its comprehensive functions.


Model-Based E/E Development with PREEvision

From Architecture Design to Series Production

PREEvision offers a comprehensive modeling language to describe all aspects of e/e systems. All engineers involved in the development process find tailored diagrams and editors for their work. And yet, all work in one integrated tool.

Playing time 4:00 minutes, published 3/2018

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