Interface and Adapter Solutions for Ethernet

VN5611/VN5612/VN5601 - Ethernet Interfaces and Adapter for Portable Use

The VN5611 and VN5612 are very compact and convenient interface products for Automotive Ethernet IEEE 100BASE-T1/1000BASE-T1 (VN5611) and Standard Ethernet IEEE 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (VN5612). They are used for the analysis of Ethernet networks as well as for simulation and test tasks in the Ethernet environment. Thanks to the small and compact format, the devices are ideally suited for portable use. USB 3.0 is used as the interface to the computer.

The VN56011) is a very compact and high performance USB-to-Ethernet adapter for standard IEEE 1000BASE-T as well as IEEE 2.5GBASE-T. It is used for easy connection of devices with Standard Ethernet interface to the PC, which can be used without affecting the Windows  network infrastructure.  The device provides accurate hardware timestamps and allows to synchronize connected devices via IEEE 1588 (PTP).1)

1) Availability as of 2022.


  • Convenient and compact interfaces, ideally suited for portable use
  • Flexible configuration options for optimal support of the different application areas
  • Flexible use in the Ethernet environment
    • VN5611 for Automotive Ethernet
    • VN5612 for Standard Ethernet
    • VN5601 as multi-gig adapter1)

  • Individual access to the network under test
  • Easy connection to Ethernet-based Vector products1)
  • Suitable programming inteface for creating own applications1)

1) Availability as of 2022.

Application Areas


  • Ethernet-Monitoring

    • Transparent connection (in/out/monitor) between two Automotive and Standard Ethernet nodes and monitoring with precise time stamps.

  • Network access for simulation and test purposes
    • Access to the connected automotive network in the simulation as well as for connecting virtual nodes to the network. The device forms a switch with up to 2 physical and up to 16 virtual ports.
    •  In the test context, the sending of errored frames on individual ports is supported.
    • Also, individual access to each port, e.g. for testing ECUs with more than one Ethernet port or for reprogramming ECUs.


  • Connection of further Vector products1)

Easy connection of further Vector products with Ethernet interface, such as VN5240, VX1135, VX1161, CSM modules, ...
Up to 300 Mbyte/s data throughout with precise time synchronization via PTP.1)

1) Availability as of 2022.

Feature Matrix

1) The functions refer to the use of the interface in combination with the Vector tools (CANoe, CANape).
The VN5601 serves exclusively as an adapter for other Vector products.

2) VN5611 only.

Product Description

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