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Vector ECU Simplifies Charging of Electric Vehicles Worldwide

Vector is adding a latest-generation controller for charging electric vehicles to its ECU portfolio. Vehicle developers benefit from a solution that can be used in both the American and European markets: the VC-EVCC controller is compatible with CCS-1 inlets as well as CCS-2 inlets. In addition, thanks to Plug and Charge, vehicles can be authenticated simply by plugging in the inlet, thus starting the charging process.

The all new charging ECU VC-EVCC supports CCS-1 and CCS-2 inlets.

The new Vector Controller VC-EVCC (Electric Vehicle Communication Controller) makes manufacturers of commercial vehicles more flexible in the range of applications for charging controllers. Until now, two different controllers were required for the American and European markets. From now on, vehicle manufacturers will be able to use the same controller for CCS-1 and CCS-2 inlets. The range of possible inlets has also been extended. In addition to Phoenix, inlets from Amphenol or Rema will also be supported in the future. The connector of the new controller is PIN-compatible with the Vector VC-VCCU charging control unit, which has been available for some time. Customers already using VC-VCCU can switch to VC-EVCC without any hardware adjustments.

With Plug and Charge in accordance with ISO 15118, the ECU VC-EVCC simplifies authentication and authorization for the charging process. At the charging station, only the plug is connected and the charging process starts automatically. Charging electric vehicles is thus possible without the need for additional cards or chips.

In order to optimally integrate electric commercial vehicles into the power grid, charging schedules enable a flexible response to charging offers from the grid. Load management is optimized through an intelligent charging strategy.

VC-EVCC is a generic charging controller for 24V electrical systems. It can be used for commercial vehicles of all types. The charging ECU is already qualified for series production and can be installed directly in the vehicle. It is also suitable for prototypes and evaluation purposes.

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