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PREEvision UserDay Gone Virtual

Three days, forty sessions on model-based E/E engineering and 273 attendees from all over the world: this is what the PREEvision UserDay in April 2021 looked like. It took place in a virtual space for the very first time.

After an interruption of one year we resumed the annual exchange among Vector experts, OEMs, suppliers, subcontractors and research professionals, even if the personal meeting was not yet possible this time.

All PREEvision license holders were cordially invited to join the PREEvision community forum April 13 to 15. This year’s agenda reflected the big trends in E/E development, topics that move the industry, and new features of the upcoming PREEvision 10.0 release:


Review 2019/20 and Outlook 2021 
Georg Zimmermann | Vector
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0:

Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0:
Requirements Engineering | Change and Release Management 

Robert Rotter | Vector
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0:
Usability Improvements

Robert Rotter | Vector
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0:
AUTOSAR System and Software Design | Communication Design 

Marcelino Varas | Vector
Strategy 2022
Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0:
Product Line Engineering and Diagnostics
Jörg Schäuffele | Vector
From the Vision to the System: Solutions Insights
Fran Candal and Tomasz Witkowski | ESG
Signal-Driven Communication Design
Alexander Mayr | Vector
Sneak Preview Product Line Engineering:
Software and Diagnostics Workflow in PREEvision 10.0
Dr. Henning Groenda and Jörg Schäuffele | Vector
Combined Systems and High-Performance Computers
Marcelino Varas and Alexander Haliulin | Vector
Auto-Layout for Wiring Harness Diagrams
Dr. Sabine Braun | Vector
What’s New in PREEvision 10.0:
E/E Backbone, Collaboration, File Management |
Operation and Administration Improvements
Dr. Daniel Gebauer and Dr. Martin Eyl | Vector
What’s Next?
Dr. Clemens Reichmann | Vector


PREEvision UserDay 2021 – Detailed Agenda

Timetable for Participants From Europe
Timetable for Participants From Asia
Timetable for Participants From Americas


Get to Know the PREEvision Userday

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