New AUTOSAR Tool Support for Continuous Integration

The new option Continuous Integration (CI) extends DaVinci Configurator Pro with a standardized integration pipeline for application software components, allowing software developers a fast and standardized integration of changed or new functionality. This opens the possibility of early function testing on ECU targets. In the development process, the CI option reduces the blocking times caused by long integration intervals.

The increasing importance of software in automotive systems and the adaption of agile development methods leads many automotive OEMs and TIER1s to establish a Continuous Integration build environment in the software development for AUTOSAR ECUs. A CI build environment gives software engineers fast feedback with an executable software, by reducing the integration and build times significantly.  Due to this benefit, developed functions can be tested early and new functionality can be delivered faster to in-car tests or customers.

Vector supports the CI approach by providing with the DaVinci Configurator Pro Option CI a predefined and customizable integration pipeline for AUTOSAR Application Software Components (SWCs).

  • App Packages allow an independent release and automatic integration of Application Software Components. Besides the SWC description and the application code they are equipped with formalized integration instructions, e.g. which runnable should be mapped to which task.
  • During set-up of the CI environment, an ECU root configuration is defined, which serves as baseline for later automatic integration.
  • The integration pipeline executes an automatized and configurable workflow on the build server, which uses the formalized integration instructions in order to map SWCs to MICROSAR basic software. 
  • An executable software for virtual testing (requires Vector vVIRTUALtarget) or real hardware target is produced.
  • Errors during the build process can be easily analyzed via a breakdown with all steps and status messages, reducing the finding-times for defective software deliveries.
  • The Back-in-Time functionality allows an easy debugging and restarting the integration from any intermediate build stage.
  • Thanks to the Gradle-based build system, the integration pipeline provided by Option CI can be easily tailored and extended.
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