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15:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

Duración: 1 horas

Idioma: Inglés

Participantes: Srinivas Ravipati

VectorCAST: Regression testing and Analytics dash

VectorCAST embedded software testing platform is a family of products that automates testing activities across the software development lifecycle. Join the webinar which will focus on Regressions testing & Analytics dash.



Regression testing importance for distributed systems and how testcases can be reused - Change Based Testing

> Scenario 1: How same test cases can be executed on multiple code bases

> Scenario 2: How only test cases impacted by the source code change are re-executed

> Scenario 3: How use same test cases on multiple platform ( Simulator/Board)

> Managing different configuration and calibration

> Integration with Continuous Integration Server like Jenkins

> The types of reports VectorCAST will support and also about Analytics dashboard

> Q&A


Target Group:

> SW Engineers

> Embedded Engineers

> Software Testers

> Software Developers

> System Engineers