Indigo 3.0 SP3 Patch 3

Updates existing installations of version 3.0 to 3.0 SP3 Patch 3. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

New features and improvements

  • LiveData / Parametrizer: Improve performance of search, expand parameters and select parameters. (EIP25535)
    Indigo takes a long time to expand a lot of parameters. The performance of the search might be very slow when using a huge amount of parameters.
  • Performance improvements in CAN Logger. (EIP25690)
    Improved performance of writing CANoe ASC files in CAN logger.
  • WWH-OBD: Support DTCs in J1939 format. (EIP25493)
    Indigo now supports DTC according to SAE J1939-73 for WWH-OBD fault memory window.
  • WWH-OBD: Support freeze frame data. (EIP25519)
    Indigo now supports reading freeze frame data for WWH-OBD fault memory window.
  • WWH-OBD: Display DTC Classes. (EIP25521)
    Indigo now displays the DTC Severity Class (A, B1, B2, C) for WWH-OBD DTCs.
  • Variant Identification: Improve setting of identified variants. (EIP25565)
    Indigo runs faster when starting communication and the identified variant matches the active variant.
  • Update example for Seed&Key DLL creation. (EIP25805)
    Updated the example for creating Seed&Key DLLs for Security Access handling. Updated the parameters and the C++ project file.
  • Load database files and seed&key dlls from zip file. (EIP25661)
    Indigo allows loading of diagnostic database files from zip file since Indigo 3.0 SP2. Now also seed & key DLLs are also extracted and assigned to the respective ECUs.
  • GM: Automatic ECU Alias Assignment: Use diagnostic address instead of request CAN ID. (EIP25569)
    The automatic ECU alias assignment works better if the diagnostic address is used instead of the request CAN ID for GM.
  • ECU Control: Remove "ECU Control" from window header to save the space for the diagnostic server name. (EIP25671)
    The ECU Control window is pretty small and may not display the complete ECU name. To save space in the header the "ECU Control" label was removed and only displays the ECU name now.
  • Several smaller features.

Issues solved

  • NormalCom Logging: Written CAN data is longer than DLC (EIP25694)
    Indigo writes always 8 bytes CAN data to the log file. If less than 8 bytes are transmitted, Indigo performed a kind of padding with "00".
  • Switching network baud rate has no effect. (EIP25580)
    Setting the network baud rate after adding ECUs to the network was not supported.
  • Trace: Response Source displays only name of the first ECU if multiple responses are received. (EIP25612)
    The Trace window now displays the correct name of the ECUs if multiple responses are received.
  • Functional TesterPresent is only sent on one network. (EIP25566)
    When using multiple networks Indigo was sending the functional TesterPresent only on the first network.
  • Array Editor Extended: Display values in columns lead to "Invalid Data: No detail". (EIP25677)
    Line breaks for displaying the values in columns were interpreted as invalid data.
  • LiveData / Parametrizer: ECUs in tree are sorted by ECU name, the alias name is ignored. (EIP25534)
    ECUs in the selection tree of LiveData and Parametrizer are now sorted by display name (ECU alias name or ECU name).
  • LiveData / Parametrizer: Crash when expanding many ECUs with many parameters. (EIP25563)
    Indigo runs out of memory when trying to expand many ECUs with many parameters.
  • OBD Discovery: MissingMethodException using AutoResetEvent.WaitOne(int). (EIP25878)
    Indigo may crash on computers with .NET Framework 2.0 installed when starting the communication because a used .NET function for WaitHandles is only available in .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 and higher.
  • OBD Sensor Data: Support PIDs dependent on PID $13 and PID $1D. (EIP25657)
    PIDs dependent on PID $13 and PID $1D are now supported and displayed in the OBD Sensor data window.
  • OBD DTC Browser: Update window initially only of OBD ECUs are discovered. (EIP25702)
    The OBD DTC Browser window will only be updated if OBD ECUs are discovered.
  • OBD DTC Browser: Reading permanent DTCs is not working. (EIP25576)
    The OBD DTC Browser did not support reading permanent DTCs.
  • OBD DTC Browser: Reading freeze frame data does not read all supported freeze frame PIDs. (EIP25577)
    The OBD DTC Browser was only reading a subset of the supported freeze frame PIDs. Now all supported freeze frame PIDs are read.
  • WWH-OBD: Sensor data window does not update PID values. (EIP25470)
    Indigo displays the supported sensor data parameters but the current values are not updated.
  • Several smaller issues solved.

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