New Features in PREEvision 10.0

Have a look at release highlights and most important changes in our premier tool for model-based development of distributed, embedded systems in the automotive industry and related fields.

Signal-Driven Communication Design

Signal-driven communication design workflow in PREEvision 10.0

The comprehensive approach of PREEvision supports a communication design based on the logical or software architecture and the network topology. However, in some application scenarios the communication shall be designed without the relevant logical or software architecture.  

The communication design explorer in PREEvision 10.0 closes this gap: You can now develop a communication design without a logical or software architecture and assign receive and transmit relations manually to signals. These relations can be assigned to ECUs (ECU based use case) or to network management nodes (NM) in case the communication is based on NM. The explorer supports the design both of signals and system signals.  

A dedicated perspective is the starting point for the communication design providing a focused user interface. The communication design explorer groups all the tables and tools needed for the design following a clear and streamlined workflow for efficient modeling. The creation of the needed communication infrastructure, communication clusters per bus system and network management are simplified or even synthesized. Consistency checks help creating a valid and AUTOSAR-compliant model.

PREEvision|AUTOSAR Communication Design

AUTOSAR compliant communication design of all data elements transferred over the bus.

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PREEvision|Automotive Ethernet Design and SOA

AUTOSAR compliant design of Automotive Ethernet networks and clusters.

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Service-To-Signal Mappings

Design mixed AUTOSAR Adaptive/Classic system architectures with PREEvision 10.0

The modeling of combined systems with software components using AUTOSAR Adaptive and AUTOSAR Classic is further enhanced. The port adapter introduced with PREEvision 9.5 simplifies the mapping of Adaptive to Classic interfaces.

PREEvision 10.0 brings the mapping of services used by Adaptive components to the signals that are used by Classic components. This mapping serves as a bridge between the service-oriented communication based on service interfaces in AUTOSAR Adaptive and the signal-based communication used on the Classic platform.

PREEvision|AUTOSAR Adaptive System Design

Future-proof modeling of powerful and flexible adaptive AUTOSAR systems.

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PREEvision|AUTOSAR System and Software Design

Incorporate AUTOSAR concepts in software and hardware architectures.

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Diagnostics Design

PREEvision offers a new modeling layer for diagnostic data. Here, the objects for diagnostic specifications can be defined including diagnostic identifiers (DIDs), I/O controls, routines, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and event handling.

The integrated approach of PREEvision secures consistency of the data and prevents redundancies. The diagnostics explorer in PREEvision 10.0 leads users through all relevant design steps and provides dedicated tables for all diagnostic artifacts.

New modeling layer for diagnostic data in PREEvision 10.0

The tool for creating and editing a formal vehicle ECU diagnostic specification.

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DaVinci Configurator Pro

Configuring, validating and generating the basic software (BSW) and the RTE of an AUTOSAR ECU.

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System Monitoring

If you use PREEvision in a multi-user environment, performance and stability of the overall system are crucial. With PREEvision 10.0 you can determine the system state at any time. The complete infrastructure from client through network to servers and data bases is continuously monitored.

The new monitoring server controls and collects data from multiple measure points. This data can be used for your analyses or even warnings. You can also determine the state of the PREEvision system by creating a performance report from your client with just a few clicks.

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