VX1161 Multi Base Module
Compact Measurement and Calibration Hardware for Multiple ECUs

A scalable solution with top performance, the VX1000 System is predestined for your ECU measurement and calibration tasks. It forms the interface between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool CANape. The VX1000 System can be used in the vehicle cabin or engine bay, on test benches or in the lab. The VX1000 Base Module is connected to the PC via the standardized ASAM protocol XCP on Ethernet.

What is the VX1161 Multi Base Module?

The modular and individually configurable setup makes the VX1161 Multi Base Module the ideal solution for measurement and calibration of multiple ECUs in a network. Especially when developing ADAS applications, the VX1161 Multi Base Module allows you to capture raw data and XCP data from multiple high-resolution radar sensors and XCP data from ADAS fusion ECUs in a very compact setup.
The VX1161 Multi Base Module consists of the base chassis which can be populated with a combination of Interface Cards tailored to a particular measurement use case. The Base will always be equipped with a power supply card and a host uplink card providing the connection to the measurement PC. In addition six more slots are available, which can be populated with any mix of network, POD or streaming interface cards.

For Every Application: Build Your VX1161 According to Your Requirements
For Every Application: Build Your VX1161 According to Your Requirements

Overview of Advantages

  • Maximum data transfer rates for high-performance measurement and calibration access to the internal data of multiple ECUs simultaneously
  • Significant space and cost savings with simplified installation and wiring for measuring multiple ECUs with full VX1000 functionality 
  • Enough bandwidth for continually growing demands, for example in ADAS development, with 2 x 10 Gbit/s Ethernet uplinks to the measurement PC. 
  • Time synchronization of all cards over IEEE 1588 PTP and Vector Hardware Sync over a SYNCcable
  • Delivery of customer-specific, preconfigured VX1161 Multi Base Modules with the possibility to swap out Interface Cards by the user
  • High flexibility and scalability in combining the Interface Cards
  • Sufficient performance reserves for later upgrades and extensions



Active ventilation, with slots for power supply card, host uplink card and several interface cards:

  • VX1161.01A Base: 6 slots for interface cards


Technical Data
Dimensions (W x D x H) 342 x 256 x 95 mm
Weight 2370 gram (no cards inserted)
Temperature Range –40°C to +60 °C


Power Supply Card


The Power Supply Card for the VX1161 Multi Base Module is an automotive-graded power supply for all other cards. The input is protected against reversed polarity.


Technical Data
Input Voltage 8 to 34 VDC
Power Intake
20 to 125 W max. (Consumption depends on VX1161 Multi Base Module configuration, operation mode and ambient temperature)
Standby: <10mA @ 12 V (typ. at room temp.)
Weight 184 g
Temperature Range –40°C to +60 °C

Host Uplink Card

Central distribution node with 10 Gbit/s Ethernet connection (RJ45) to the measurement PC. Additional Ethernet ports for cascading or connecting further hardware:

  • VX1161.22A Host Uplink: 2 x 10 GE and 1 x 1 GE
  • VX1161.22B Host Uplink: 2 x 10 GE and 4 x 1 GE


Technical Data
Power Consumption VX1161.22A: typical 18 W (at room temp)
VX1161.22B: typical 21 W (at room temp)
VX1161.22A: 407 g
VX1161.22B: 453 g
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C

POD Interface Cards

For connection of one VX14xx / VX15xx POD each connected via a Serial / HSSL / HSSL2 cable:

  • VX1161.31A Serial
  • VX1161.32B HSSL
  • VX1161.32C HSSL2


Technical Data
Power Consumption VX1161.31A: typical 5 W (at room temp, with POD)
VX1161.32B: typical 7 W (at room temp, with POD)
VX1161.32C: typical 7,5 W (at room temp, with POD)
Weight 227 g
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C

Network Interface Cards

For connection of vehicle networks like CAN / CAN FD and FlexRay. These cards contain integrated transceivers:

  • VX1161.41A 6xCAN
  • VX1161.41B 6xCAN 1xFR


Technical Data
Power Consumption typical 4.7 W (at room temp, without CAN counterpart station)
Weight 215 g
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C




Streaming Interface Cards

For receiving, transmitting and routing data streams of different protocols. TAPs can alternatively be used as 1 x RX and 1 x TX: 

  • VX1161.51A 2xTAP FPDLINK3 TI954/TI953
  • VX1161.51B 4xRX FPDLINK3 TI954
  • VX1161.51C 2xTAP GMSL2 MX9296A/MX9295A
  • VX1161.51D 4xRX GMSL2 MX9296A


Technical Data
Power Consumption typical 8 W (at room temperature)
Weight 210 g
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C



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