Smart Logger
The Intelligent Logging Solution for E-Mobility and ADAS Developments

What are Smart Loggers?

With the new Smart Logger product group, Vector breaks down the classic boundaries between user-controlled measurement software and autonomously acting loggers: Install the logger hardware in the vehicle. Use it to wire your measurement systems, ECUs, bus systems, ADAS sensors, cameras, GNSS receivers and much more. Then easily transfer your existing CANape or vMeasure exp configuration to the Smart Logger.  This offers unique process reliability. The operator only needs the Mobile UI - a web-based interface - to control the logger. 
Smart Loggers come in two variants: vMeasure log and CANape log. They are configured with their associated desktop applications, vMeasure exp and CANape.  Four hardware platforms are available: VN8911, VP6400, VP7400 and VP7500. They are all specially adapted for use in road tests. They can be used to reliably handle logging tasks ranging from demanding to high-end. 


Install Smart Logger in the vehicle without changing the wiring. Regardless of whether you use maximum access to all features in interactive mode or only need access to status information in standalone mode.

Overview of Advantages

  • Work with process reliability: Use your project and the measurement setup from development seamlessly in the vehicle
  • Solve complex tasks easily: Real-time evaluations, real-time statistical analyses and calculation of virtual signals at runtime
  • Adaptability: Fast integration of customer-specific protocols and sensors
  • Availability of hardware platforms in different performance classes
  • Everything from a single source: logging software and hardware are optimally matched to each other
  • Measure all automotive buses and protocols

Two Variants

vMeasure log
Smart loggers in the vMeasure log variant are ideally suited for the time-synchronous acquisition of many measurement signals from different sources. Sampling frequencies of up to 1 MHz per signal and a total data write rate of up to 2 GByte/s are supported. For example, determining the efficiency of an inverter in an electrically driven vehicle while still measuring. Use the results to formulate trigger conditions to start recording, to set markers in the measurement file or to trigger actions such as sending a message to the Mobile UI.

CANape log
Take your ADAS development from desk to road test! CANape log extends the functionality of vMeasure log with ADAS and Ethernet logging. This allows you to record data from cameras, radar and LIDAR sensors. In addition to the signals, you can also capture the raw sensor data and the complete Ethernet communications in the vehicle. Quickly integrate your specific sensors and protocols via an optimized interface. CANape log provides a smart solution.
Connect a computer with CANape to your Smart Logger via Ethernet and you have full access to the ECUs via the CANape interface for calibration or flashing.

vMeasure log and CANape log in comparison

  vMeasure log CANape log
Configuration Tool vMeasure exp CANape
Support of ADAS Sensors No Radar, Lidar, Camera
Customer Specific Protocols and Sensors No  Yes
Automotive Networks CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet
Protocols and Hardware Interfaces CCP, XCP, SOME/IP, VX1000, Video, GNSS, Analog Measurement Technology
Supported Description Files A2L, AUTOSAR arxml, DBC, Fibex, LDF, XML


Hardware Platforms


Vector offers a comprehensive range of accessories for Smart Loggers to optimally support you in your logging tasks.


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