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Validation of High-Voltage Vehicle Systems

Validation of the HV electrical system involves very high requirements for sampling rate, HV safety and scalability of the measurement system used. The entire HV electrical system is instrumented and sampled at numerous points to assure that all HV system components perform their tasks and are operational in any conceivable driving situation.

Graphic components in a high-voltage vehicle system

These measurements must be made at very high sampling rates to acquire and quantify additional effects such as voltage peaks caused by line inductances, abrupt load alternation or capacitive coupling of fast switching processes in the power electronics. To analyze the causes of errors, all of these measurements must be time-synchronous and must not originate from different measurement systems that are not coupled. The ECUs in the vehicle, besides transmitting measurement parameters on the various vehicle buses, also provide information that is relevant and important for validation. That is why this information is also measured time-synchronously and needs to be incorporated into the evaluation of overall behavior.

A perfectly tuned tool chain of HV-safe measurement modules, ECU measurement technology and software for synchronized online acquisition of measurement data and data analysis during the road tests simplifies these challenges.

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