Automotive Ethernet Symposium

Since 2014, Vector's Automotive Ethernet Symposium has established itself as an industry meeting for experts from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and research. In numerous presentations, the speakers explain current projects and present new solutions.

The exhibition area offers the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with each other and with Vector's specialists. Also, Vector will present its latest developments, tools and solutions for Automotive Ethernet.

Looking Back: June 2021

5th Automotive Ethernet Symposium

In 2021 the 5th Vector Automotive Ethernet Symposium took place as virtual event. More than 700 experts discussed about the latest information on 10BASE-T1S, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and about testing ECUs and networks. In 7 presentations - by BMW, Ethernovia, Infineon, Marvell, Microchip and Vector - the speakers showed the current status and presented solutions for upcoming challenges.

An overview of the lectures

Presentations and Speakers
Easier Analysis of Ethernet Networks With the New Protocol Monitor
Dr. David Maiberger, Ronald van Splunter, Vector
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10BASE-T1S, the New Standard for Ethernet on a Bus Line
Martin Miller, Microchip
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10BASE-T1S: Preparation for Series Production
Stéfany Chourakorn, BMW
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10BASE-T1S Learn To Run – Supported by Embedded Software
Harald Zweck, Infineon - Josef Nöbauer, Vector
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Introduction to MACsec in the Automotive E/E
Hari Parmar, Marvell
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IEEE P802.1DG – The TSN Automotive Profile
Max Turner, Ethernovia
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TSN Features Approach Your Networks – Are You Prepared?
Christoph Renkel, Vector
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Health and Safety First

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Automotive Ethernet Symposium 2020 unfortunately did not take place.

Nevertheless, we were able to present an interesting lecture at the 1st Vector Virtual Week on the topic of Automotive Ethernet: From Lone Fighter to Team Player: When the Strengths of the New Vector Ethernet Interfaces Multiply.

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4th Automotive Ethernet Symposium

In April 2019 the Wagenhallen Stuttgart was the perfect venue for the Automotive Ethernet Symposium. In conjunction with the Cybersecurity Symposium and the Connectivity Symposium, about 200 E/E engineers and developers enjoyed 3 days of deep insights and know-how.

An overview of the lectures

Presentations and Speakers
10 Mbps Ethernet Technology and the Challenges Facing Automotive Microcontrollers
Harald Zweck, Infineon
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OPEN Alliance TC 10 Sleep/Wake-up Capable PHYs
Günter Sporer, NXP Semiconductors
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Service Oriented Architecture and Ethernet Design
Marcelino Varas, Vector
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Time Sensitive Networking from a Tools Perspective
Michael Hutchison, Vector
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Get a Grip on High Data Rates while Testing Automotive Ethernet Networks
Matthias Schwedt, Vector
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Ethernet ECU Conformance Testing and Network Validation
Tobias Olschewski, TÜV-Nord
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TLS Secured Connections in CANoe
Peter Fellmeth, Vector
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Interactive Poll

As part of the Automotive Ethernet Symposium, we asked the participants about current topics and trends. Here you can see the questions and answers.


3rd Automotive Ethernet Symposium

Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart

In May 2017, the Sparkassenakademie in Stuttgart was our location for the Automotive Ethernet Symposium. We had a lot of interesting lectures from OEMs and suppliers and from Vector.

An overview of the lectures

Presentations and Speakers
Ethernet & Adaptive AUTOSAR – Key Elements of the New Volkswagen E/E Architecture
Dr. Olaf Krieger and Dr. Marcel Wille, Volkswagen
Next Generation E/E Architecture at JLR
Syreeta Bath and Sachin Shinde, Jaguar Land Rover
Time Sensitive Networking – How the additional value will meet your requirements
Bernd Jesse, Vector
Intruducing Guarantee of Service within Automotive Ethernet
Bernhard Stangl, TTTech Automotive
SOA and Service Oriented Ethernet Design with PREEvision
Markus Helmling, Vector
Simulating Service-Oriented Architectures with CANoe’s Function Bus
Dr. Christian Köllner, Vector
OPEN Alliance, Technical Committee 8 – Compliance Verification for Ethernet ECUs
Automotive Cyber Security Mechanisms
Dr. Eduard Metzker, Vector

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