CANdelaStudio 8.1 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 8.1 to 8.1 SP2. Not suitable for versions older than 8.1.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • Modal Trap in Job File Manager (EIP29713)
    In the Job File Manager dialog, if data is inconsistent and user wants to leave, then CANdelaStudio shall give a clear indication of the inconsistent data and prompt whether to leave.
  • Output window messed up (EIP26842)
    Show output window correctly after "Search All".
  • Crash when switching to Graphical Telegram View (EIP35101)
    UDS Example, CommonDiagnostics - FaultMemory, Tab "Extended Data Record (uu)", switch to graphical view.
  • Crash on clicking "Separate All" (EIP33914)
    Diagnostic Class Template, component with semantics "DIDDataReference".
  • Filter on DataTypes in Import Pool is not working (EIP34271)
    Filter on top right of Import Pool list.
  • DID: Crash When Editing Identifier Data Object of DID Reference (EIP33714)
    When you edited properties of the Identifier Data Object, CANdelaStudio crashed.
  • DID: migration to 8.0 does not set the selector of counter iteration data type (EIP35062)
    In 8.0, the counter iteration is placed in a packet data type, but the selector is not set.
  • DIDs: DID reference/DID data reference can be moved into bitfield (EIP33699)
    Do not allow to paste or drop clipboard into bitfield if it contains DID references or DID data references.
  • DIDs: Can create DID references in packet data type (EIP33845)
    Do not allow copying/pasting of DID references/DID data references in packet data type
  • DIDs: DID Reference / DID Data Reference Rejected in Fixed Data (EIP33617)
    A fatal constraints check prevented from adding a reference in fixed data, but DID Refs are allowed in fixed data.
  • Crash when copying DID reference by Drag and Drop (EIP34130)
    Copy/paste or drag'n drop DID reference or DID data reference.
  • DIDs: DiffUpd changes Name and Description of protected DIDs (EIP33621)
    Document update must not update DIDs that have mayBeModified = false.
  • DID: Name and qualifier not updated when selecting DID with the keyboard (EIP34752)
    When adding a DID Data Reference, and user selects a DID in the list via keyboard, CANdelaStudio now updates the name and qualifier fields and use this DID on leaving with OK
  • DIDs: Copy & Paste of DID References and DID Data References (EIP33686)
    DID reference or DID Data Reference pasted at beginning of telegram table was added at the end of the telegram.
  • DIDs: Mark document as modified after adding new DID objects (EIP33500)
    CANdelaStudio shall mark the document as modified   if the user adds a new "DID Data Reference" / "DID Reference" object.
  • Deleting import pool data objects has effect on document modified flag (EIP34109)
    When user changes data in the import pool,   CANdelaStudio shall not set the document modified flag (because the import pool data is not stored in the CDD).
  • Compare says "attribute" without any detail (EIP27801)
    On comparing telegram tables, compare shall not show attribute diff lines without any details.
  • Default attribute restrictions modified through GUI without user action (EIP33887)
    (Expert view) In the attribute type restrictions page for Data Object/Bitfield attributes, if a user does not change the type restriction selected, and leaves the dialog with "OK" or "Cancel", CANdelaStudio shall not change the selection internally.
  • Bug changing DTC in global pool to "Not required" (EIP34288)
    (Expert view) After changing the specification of a DTC in the global pool from "Required as a reference" or "Required" to "Not required", on replacing the references to the global DTC by local DTCs in variants, CANdelaStudio shall allow to delete the variant-local copies.
  • Dangling Service ComParams (EIP33198)
    When CANdelaStudio loads a file and sees a ComParam for Services or Jobs,   and the interface of the ComParam does not exist, then CANdelaStudio now drops (not loads) the ComParam.

Command Line Interface

  • Open Template from Command line (EIP34283)
    On parameter /openTemplate, CANdelaStudio opens a template as a template (in Admin edition only)

User Interface

  • Window tile operations shall skip Start page (EIP31325)
    Iif user performs menu Window | Tile Horizontally (or Vertically), CANdelaStudio shall not tile the Start page.
  • Remove "myVector" menu item (EIP33661)
    The myVector system has been shut down by end of October 2014, therefore new registrations are not possible anymore.
  • "Verwendungsstellen" on multi-selection shall be greyed out (EIP33339)
    If multiple data types are selected in the data types list,   CANdelaStudio shall show the menu items e.g. "References" insensitive.
  • Deleting DTCs in DTC view (EIP34063)
    CANdelaStudio shall allow deletion of a DTC using the "Del" key.
  • Deletion of a protocol service with Del key not possible (EIP34008)
    CANdelaStudio shall allow deletion of a ProtocolService using the "Del" key.
  • Add Readme And Use New ReleaseNotes Layout (EIP34274)
  • Diff says "attribute" without any detail (EIP27801)
    On comparing telegram tables or job parameters,  compare showed attribute diff lines without any details.

Data Exchange

  • Make loading of large network files more robust by loading one network at a time (EIP34812)
    If a network cannot be loaded, provide a regular (log) warning message and proceed with the next network.
  • Import crashes in case of %-character in LONG-NAME (EIP34547)
    "%" in ODX LONG-NAME
  • Bug in CSV repository generation from CDD (EIP34413)
    The content of a DID in the STRUCTURE started at byte position 3, but must start at byte position 0.
  • Warn the user about the possibility of long import runs when a large AUTOSAR fie shall be imported (EIP34808)
    Provide a warning message box if the user selects an AUTOSAR file bigger than 100 MB, stating that the import might take a long time to complete.
  • Enable MDX Export Also For JLR (EIP34334)


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